Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hospital days

The Foster family et al has been having drama lately! My goodness. My parents went on a cruise for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, and while they were gone my sister Dee was in a wreck and ended up with surgery to repair a badly broken wrist. Now she is Borg because of the totally cool metal implant she possesses. Thursday and Friday were hard days dealing with that. It was so hard to see Dee hurting. Friday night I stayed with her at the hospital and when I got home Saturday around noon I saw Ilse barfing blood. I had known she was sick, and I had tried to prevent a weekend trip to the ER by taking her to the doctor on Thursday. They told me she was fine. I got the impression they thought I was overreacting. Apparently mommy intuition was right. Finally after nine hours at the ER, the bleeding stopped, and although Ilse still wasn't acting normal, they told us we could go home or admit her, but if we stayed the GI am wouldn't see her until the next day anyway. We left with instructions to come back if the bleeding started again. She did barf some more blood on the way home, but we didn't realize it until we got home. At that juncture we weren't about to head back down here just to be observed overnight. This morning, though, she began barfing blood again, so I brought her back down here to the ER. They might admit her this time, to figure it out. Possibly her stomach lining is irritated, although I don't know how that could have happened. We will see how today goes. Meanwhile, our Dee is still recovering. We are so thankful for her life.

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