Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life and stats

Why do all the activity gyms and walkers say that 32 inches is the max height for use?

Poor Ilse. She is over 26 inches, and she is still not quite ready for a sit up and play gym. She has actually regressed a bit with this sickness that she has had. She is back to throwing her head back and being very somber. When she smiles it is like a ray of sunshine... I wish she would do it all the time. But really, who wants to smile when they are sick? I sure don't. It is an effort for me to smile at all sometimes, just because I tend to be more somber and 'a thinking individual.' lol. Unfortunately I don't mean that the way my family says it.... as in a not stupid sense. I mean it like I don't talk or act much, I just think inwardly about things. Perhaps if I had gone to bed before three (thanks, Ilse) and not woken up a few times after that but before six, I could describe it more intelligently. But anybody who really knows me knows.

As I was saying about activity gyms, I feel sad that she won't get to use one for very long if at all. What am I going to use to stimulate her development? The therapist says I need to get more interesting toys, because Ilse doesn't care about the ones we have. I need to go choose some with lights and vibration. And I am planning on getting one that makes noise when it is kicked, because that Ilse's new thing, and I want to encourage it. We are working on strengthening her legs for walking! It is probably a long way off since she is still working on head control, but she is still progressing at her own a-bit-slower-than-a-preemie rate.

Yesterday in therapy Ilse ate about five bites of animal cracker with sweet potatoes on it. That is wonderful. She didn't barf at all during her practice. That is unheard of.

Also, Ilse's barfing has been at a bare minimum since Sunday. Hmmmm.... It is so nice. For her and for us! Somehow the laundry pile seems just as big. Tim and I folded a lot of laundry last night (he decided to come to my party) but there is still a lot left. And I also need to put it away.

Today we go to the GI and we will see where Ilse is on the curve or her curve, whichever it is this month. I bet she is almost 27 inches. She was 26 inches on November 4th, which was her six month birthday. She is so huge and so tiny all at the same time.

The boys are playing around the house, dragging each other around in one of the giant bags they came with. Those dumb old foster care bags are at least good for something. :)

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