Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snippets of Life

About a month ago I finally figured out the ratio of water to formula. Now I don't have to look at the can anymore.

On my event calendar for the night is a clothes folding party. Unfortunately I think I'll be the only one attending.

Christopher is playing sock puppets in his bed when he knows he is supposed to be napping. Yes, that was naughty, but I am still glad he was misbehaving in such a normal little boy way. I will take that any day over the biting, kicking, and screaming that we used to have.

My living room is covered in pink. And barf.

My beautiful bright garage makes me want to create a woman cave out there. A book shelf, a rug, a lamp stand.... Don't need the lamp, but the stand would have a coaster for my coffee.... Ummm, sounds nice. It's too bad my laundry room is in the garage. How relaxing could my woman cave be if I were staring at my Mount Washmore?

If the load of laundry I'm washing has even one piece of Ilse's clothes in it, I use her detergent. I don't want to risk accidentally letting her wear something that has the other soap on it because it irritated her skin and gave me the 'Oh no! Eczema is starting already!' scare.

I had very little sleep last night since Ilse was sick in the afternoon, consequently took her nap really late, and then was up most of the night. She would fuss, I would check on her, and she would smile at me. The little stinker.

Even with as little sleep as I got, I still couldn't resist wasting my nap time to write this blog post.

Those are the snippets of my life from today!


  1. Hi I am a friend of your mom in law...I loved your little snippets. Ilse is so precious. Sorry to read she has been sick. We will pray for her....Our little guy, Andrew has on going issues and it can be so hard but we know he is a blessing. Our life would not be so rich and full with out him.


  2. Thanks, Jeane! I read your blog regularly. I was glad when Andrew's H. Pyloria got eradicated.


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