Friday, November 18, 2011

An immunologist

The pediatrician, the geneticist, and the GI have all recommended that I take Ilse to an immunologist/allergist. She has had too many unexplained fevers, high white blood cell counts, and swollen lymph nodes. Her liver is also almost always swollen. I am sad that she doesn't feel well... It is seriously been months that I have been seeking an answer from her various doctors about this. Hr first pediatrician completely discounted her congestion with "babies don't develop allergies until two." I don't really care about what is supposed to happen with a baby's age and allergies, I just care that she is miserable. I bet she'd be able to eat way more if she didn't have so much mucous in her tummy. Poor little baby peach.

Our appointment is November 29. It cracks me up how I always refer to Ilse's appointments in the plural possessive. And I say, when we were in the NICU.... Well, WE really were.

And about Thanksgiving, I also excited to try to feed Ilse some good table food. I am going to let her taste real sweet potatoes since she likes the baby ones well enough. I am also going to let her taste jello and maybe even pie. What a wonderful mommy I am. Lol. :)

I have told the boys that thanksgiving is when we eat tons of pie, and after they finish their pie, if they want more, I will give it to them. Chris made me laugh this morning telling me that he was going to eat lots of pie.... I just love my babies.


  1. An immunologist is a good thing to see. My kids were all seen by one around the same age as Ilse is now, and it made their life quality a lot better.

    Praying that you will get the answers and the help you are seeking for Ilse.

  2. Yes, indeed. With the types of symptoms your baby is experiencing, this sounds like a wise route. As I recently learned from my GI who sent my bloodwork to a respected immuno lab and subsequently learned I had 26 food sensitivities, I can't help but wonder how my health may have been improved decades earlier had I known this! My mother keeps apologizing for not having thought to have me tested for sensitivities. I had a few swollen organs like little Ilse this past year, too. I hurt for her feeling so poorly. But I sense you have hope before you. I'm proud of you for keeping up your quest.


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