Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctors appointments for all of us

These couple weeks are the weeks of doctors appointments! Last week I took Chris to the doctor for his cough, then both boys went to the eye doctor yesterday. They both need glasses! I am glad I took them to get checked. Tim went to the dentist and found out he needs his tonsils out, so we will get that done as soon as we can. Today he goes to see the ENT, and believe me, you'd rather me type that shortened version of the doctor's specialty than the whole huge thing that I can't even pronounce. It is the ENT who will take his tonsils out.

Friday Ilse goes to her new pediatrician for her six month checkup... I can't believe my sweet baby is about to be six months old. She has grown and changed so much from the wimpering little lamb who never moved around. She now looks at me! And she lets me touch her head. Lol.

Saturday Tim and I go to the eye doctor, and I cannot wait to get my new glasses and contacts! I love going to the eye doctor like my friend Rebekah loves the dentist. There are few things better than new contacts!

Monday Tim goes to see the orthopedist. He is excited about that appointment almost as much as he is excited about getting his tonsils out.

I believe those are all the appointments we have coming up, other than Ilse's regularly scheduled appointment on November seventeenth.

I am so thankful for insurance!

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