Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You know your child has SLOS when

Your kitchen gets covered in egg twice...once going into the syringe and once, um, coming out of the baby.

You wash your car seat cover and base every day. You could do it more often, but sometimes you set your child in a barfy seat just because you might be washing the other thirty thousands mounds of laundry your child creates.

You wash three giant loads of laundry... Just hers, mind you..... At least every day and a half. Those loads include every single burp rag you have and some blankets too because you ended up using them as barf catchers.

It doesn't matter how well you separate the egg, there will always be that one little piece that is like a string married to the yolk... and it gets caught in the feeding tube and clogs it.

You think in mililiters instead of ounces, and when someone asks you how much your baby eats, you have to do some mental gymnastics to give them an answer they can understand. And then you have to stop yourself from rattling off the rate your baby eats, too.

You count your blessing each and every day and thank the good Lord who sent you such a precious gift, because, no matter the laundry piles and egg spills, the wonderful smiles from your little baby are worth it.


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