Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My hammer

Yes, you read the post title correctly. This post is about my hammer. When I was a teenager my nickname (the only one I will tell you about) was Tool Girl. I was the one who would use the screw driver to help dad. To this day I love using tools, and it really irks me to have to search for a hammer. So, a couple years ago I got Tim to buy me a nice hammer. W got I at Lowe's, and I adore it. it is just a plain, normal hammer.... definitely not the pink girly kind.

So I put my hammer and my box of nails safely where I can always find them. I am those who hangs pictures around here, so my beautiful hammer and nails get lots of use.

Well today Tim needed a hammer. He borrowed mine.... without asking. And as I saw him walking out the back door with it, I heard this come out of my mouth:

"Tim, please don't get my hammer dirty. And PLEASE don't put it down on the concrete where it will get scratched."

He asked me if I knew that my hammer is, really, just a hammer. And it is whatever brand it is, made to get banged up!

I do know that. But it is my hammer, and I love my hammer, and I don't want it dirty or scratched.

Lol. Sometimes I can't believe how weird I am.

I sure hope he wipes it off nicely, since he did put it down in the mud, and puts it back nicely in the safe place I keep it. I am truly unbelievable.


  1. Chuckle chuckle. You are such an entertaining blogger, Emily. I understand all about your hammer.

  2. LOL!'s how Ben feels about his tools too - he has a set of vices in the basement that are his pride and joy. I'm always coached on the right way to use, and store, and care for them.

  3. Haha, you crack me up Emily, I love it! (I am the hammer user around here too!)

    Blessings, Grace


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