Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mic-KEY button update

I loathe it. Yes, it allowed us to bring Ilse home, for which I will be ever grateful, but


It leaks now if Ilse is on her side in addition to just leaking if she is on her tummy! And you all know that I simply can't keep her still to eat.... No, this is a moving baby and she wants to thrash, kick, roll, etc.. (Her latest favorite thing is to kick her mattress and hear the loud noise it makes. Cute. :)

I have been fighting with this issue pretty much ever since she had this surgery. We have gotten so much conflicting advice from the gastrointestinal doctor and from the surgeon. Tighter, looser, more water, less water. Does she have granulomas? Well yes, but


We finally got an appointment after I got fed up with this issue this morning. I feel like I have been more than forbearing dealing with this for four months. Ilse wants to MOVE and I am not going to force her to stay still while she eats.

Unfortunately, I really don't know what the surgeon can do. I don't know what the options are, but I am ready to insist that this get figured out once and for all.

So Ilse will see the surgeon tomorrow and I am going to hope hope hope that there is an easy solution, although, if there were, surely someone (!) would have fixed it for us by now.

So yes, I am a tad bit annoyed with this. I want my baby to be happy anwd confortable and not have her precious skin rotted by milk constantly sitting on it. How annoying would it be to have wet skin and clothes and gauze all the time?

Pray for me. For patience. And for a nap, which gets taken away from me every day because of this leaking issue. And for my semi-night's sleep, which also is seriously disturbed because of this issue.

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