Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The car seat saga

I have loved my car seat. Ilse hasn't, necessarily, although it has grown on her. However, today I hated it. I hated it, Babies r Us, and Baby Trend.

You see, the foam came off the car seat. Yes, that nice foam that should, theoretically, cushion my child's head in the event of a wreck. It came off. I had to reglue it. That's just wrong, especially when you take into account that I had to reglue it twice.

So I took the car seat back to the brand new babies r us I bought it at. They were so unhelpful. They offered me thirty dollars for the seat. Are you kidding me? I spent way more than that. I told them I shouldn't have to be out any money at all. And furthermore, they should ensure that my pieces match. I don't want a new car seat pattern but still have the same stroller. Ilse's stuff needs to match. It just does. I went round and round with those folks, and they just wouldn't budge. Neither would I, so I left, with my car seat.

I called Baby Trend from right outside the door. The lady there was even more unhelpful. "Oh, the foam came off? I understand, you can send the seat in to get repaired!"

What?!? If you could glue it back on and it wouldn't come off, why didn't you just glue it that way in the first place???

”Well, all I can say is that we have people send their seats in to be reglued, and then the seats don't come in a second time."

And I am thinking, of course they don't! What crazy person would send their car seat in to be reglued in the first place when the original glue didn't hold? And the same crazy person certainly wouldn't send their seat in a second time when the magic glue didn't work the first reglueing time!

And then she tells me I can send the seat in when it is convenient.

Are you kidding me? When is it convenient for a baby not to have a car seat? I did say that to her. She needed to hear it.

And, did you know that car seats are only warrantied for six months anyway? Really? Do babies really grow to thirty inches in six months? Mine hasn't!

And then I cried. The injustice of it all. My poor child doesn't get a good car seat because she has the nerve to not grow, because she didn't start using the car seat the exact day she was born to take advantage of the full six months before the warranty was up, and for crying out loud, foam shouldn't fall off in the first place.

So I went to another babies r us due to the fact that the first people would have traded out the car seat for me if they had had any left in stock. They just didn't have any.

And boy, am I so glad I went. Apparently the babies r us at park and Preston is a training store. And they are really nice! They are really, really nice!

That manager heard my story, gave me a brand new car seat AND stroller, just for the price of the extended warranty protection plan, which I should have bought in the first place. Ahh! Every store everywhere should have as good customer service as I got at that second babies r us. And now Ilse has a lovely new car seat with hydrangeas on it. And the stroller matches. And it is warrantied for a year and a half.

Even Ilse should outgrow it by then! :)


  1. I think they just thought Ilse would look lovely surrounded by hydrangeas. :)


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