Monday, September 19, 2011

Oats and beans and barley grow

Well, in our case it's rice and barley....... And they are making Ilse grow. Something the doctor said, which I dismissed out of hand because Ilse is only four mos. old, gave me the idea, And sure enough, Ilse has gained five ounces since last Thursday. That is a ton for her! I've been adding some rice or barley cereal to her milk only a couple times a day. In addition to being added calories without much added volume (she can't handle enough added volume right now to make a difference), the thickened milk stays down better. Yay!

So now my sweet baby weighs ten pounds nine and half ounces. I know that isn't huge, or even average, but it is extra good for my baby Ilse Joy. This week I'm confident the GI won't be worried about her weight.

In addition to gaining weight, Ilse has really been balancing her head well when sitting upright. She doesn't flop it nearly as much as she used to. Her neck muscles are finally beginning to catch up. Also, Ilse is beginning to work on raising her head while on her tummy. I'm so proud of her!

Last night she slept a little better than the previous three nights, and hopefully tonight will end up well. She isn't asleep yet, but I can tell that her stomach is bothering her a bit, so she might just be having trouble getting comfortable. If at all possible, I'd like to get in bed before two thirty, which is when I got in bed last night. Four hours of sleep is way better than two, though, so if it is two thirty tonight, I'll be ok. I actually had some energy today with that four hours of sleep! Yay me! Lol.

Ilse's swing appears to be calming her down tonight. I hate it when she screams, because besides making me feel so sad for her, it wakes Joey up.

Today I got my kitchen halfway clean, (doesn't sound like much, but believe me, halfway is a HUGE accomplishment in this day and age) did some laundry but forgot to put it in the dryer, put away all the groceries, pumped four times so far, fed my babies, took Tim to work and brought him home, comforted a crying baby most of the day, had Ilse's therapy, and a few other things. It was a very nice day since I wasn't so completely zonked out asleep.

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