Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Language skills

Lately the boys' language skills have really been bothering me. I don't understand how other mothers can hear their kids say something wrong over and over and over again and not say anything about it.. Maybe I'm just contentious (I hope not!) or maybe I just want to educate them, or maybe I want them to be articulate... Either way, I correct them without even realizing it sometimes.

Some of the things we're working on are:

"THE end," instead of "VE end"
"A minute ago," instead of "in a minute ago"
Using the "ch" sound instead of defaulting to the "sh" sound
The correct past tense of words like "Let"

Sometimes Joey will really blow my mind by saying something like: "Mommy, when Daddy goes back to the mans......uh, what's it called?"

And I'll say, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

And he makes it clear by his "oh" that he is completely shocked that I don't know what he is saying.

In my tired state I don't know if I've written about this before, but the boys also respond positively to a positive statement and negatively to a negative statement. So if I say, "We are going to the park" the boys say, simultainiously, "Yes." They are just agreeing. If I were to say "I don't want to eat right now" they respond, simultaneously, "No." It gets a little annoying to have two parrots, so one day I told them to say something else, and I gave them some ideas. "Really?" "Wow!" "That'll be fun." "I think...." Well, they stuck on the "That'll be fun" and that is what Joey in particular said in response to everything. And I mean, everything! "We need a nap." Joey: "Oh, that'll be fun!" "We're going to do jobs." "Oh, that'll be fun!" Oh my.

And the other day I was telling all of this to dad, and Joey came in to do an on the spot demonstration of language difficulties with this question: "Mommy, why are those cookies?"

"Um......sweetie, I just don't know."

All in all, the boys' speech has come a very long way. It has come from being absolutely unintelligible to being very, very good with just a few things that need fixing. At any rate I'm very proud of their hard work, even if sometimes the lack of excellent communication bothers me.

On another topic: the boys' new favorite thing is looking at the Toys R Us ad. They want to carry it every where, and they pour over every page. It's kind of cute.

And on still another topic, although related to the language topic: We danced around it for a while, but we've finally started actively encouraging Joseph to call Christopher something other than "Bam-Bam." Joey is just too old to go around saying that all the time. So we asked Bam-Bam (Mommy gets special privileges with calling him that nickname) what he'd like to be called, and he chose "Chris". Ok then. But Joey can't say Chris, so he calls his brother....... wait for it....... Christ. Yep. At least it's with a short I sound. :) Otherwise I think we'd have to work uber hard on fixing it.


  1. I think the boys are adorable in how they speak. They are only little once. Marcus called himself "Mowcus" for the longest time. I was almost sad when he said Marcus for the first time. :/
    I think their speech is fine. :)

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