Monday, September 26, 2011

Deja vu

Today is reminding me of the day I went to the hospital with preeclampsia..... And that's not good. So far the AC is not working, and then I was making my toast--- and I particularly didn't want warm bread, so I pushed the bread down a second time, except it wouldn't stay. "Is it the plug?" I think, because we have random plug breakage. Yes, it's thoroughly annoying to have to remember from day to day which plug I can plug the vacuum into, and then have it switch.

No... The bottom plug doesn't work either. Oh, dear. The dishwasher that I worked so hard to load has turned off. Great. It's probably a blown fuse or something..... And is it possible that this has something to do with the broken ac unit box dohickey thing outside my kitchen window? I don't know.

I might need to suggest to Tim that we move. Soon.

On a happier note, we all survived the hot night. Ilse woke up fussy, which is very abnormal for her, poor baby, so I know she was hot even though I did my best to keep her room cool.

And on an even happier note, I get to pick Tim up on time today.. That will be good, since he had to go into the spider infested (I am assuming it's spider infested) bathroom in the garage to fix the fuse thingy. And I miss him. :)

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