Thursday, August 18, 2011


To all mothers of children with SLOS/possible SLOS:

Do not adminster your child's egg yolk using a slip tip syringe where the black piece has come off and you've restuck it.  If you ignore this warning, you might get some air in the syringe while sucking the egg yolk up from your tupperware dish, and then, you might upend the syringe to get the air out, and then, while attempting to squirt out the air, you just might accidently squirt egg yolk all over your cabinets, your bag of sugar, your oven backsplash, and your paper towels.

Of course, that never ever happened to me.



  1. i will indeed heed this warning!

  2. That does not sound like fun! Our house is egg-free since dd has a severe egg allergy ... but there is no shortage of things for me to spill and splatter (and that's without a syringe!


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