Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today has been a sad day for me

Today culminated in me sitting on the living room floor crying over my poor sick baby.

You've probably all heard me say lately (or maybe read it on facebook) that my Ilse is just grumpy. 

Poor kid, I've wronged her.  I've thought lately that she had just gotten grumpy all of a sudden, and then she went to having trouble sleeping at night, etc..  It occurred to me that she might have an ear infection.  Her head was often hot but her body wasn't, so I concluded that she didn't have a fever, and was just teething, especially since I could feel a tooth.

And then this morning at 5:09am I finally got so tired of many nights with no sleep that I picked her whining body up and went to put her in her room so I could get 45 more minutes (pretty much not more, but only).  I was so tired and out of my mind that I knew I wouldn't go get her for these 45 minutes even if she cried the whole time.  Poor baby!  She actually went to sleep, but based on the later events of today I feel like putting her in there was absolutely inexcusable.

Later today I noticed a pattern of her not wanting to swallow her tyenol when before she did with no problem.  So that made me go get a thermometer since in my disaster of a house I couldn't find hers. 

The poor child had a temperature of 102.3.  She was burning up!  I took her to the doctor and the poor thing has an ear infection.  No telling how long she's had it.  And she probably has thrush, too.

So the doctor prescribed her antibiotics and the thrush medicine... and I dealt with trying to find a syringe that would properly give her the medicine--  not an easy task, I assure you! 

So I finally managed to give her her medicine, and she threw it all up.  That's when I cried, because my poor baby is so sick that I feel like I'm holding a 13x9 straight from the oven on my lap with no hot pads, and she can't even keep down the medicine that is going to make her well.

I'm so, so sad for my sweet Ilse.  If she throws up her morning dose of the antibiotic also, I'm going to call the doctor and request we just do the shots that were her second choice of treatment.  They might not be ideal, but they might be the only way to get our baby better.

Pray for her, please.  She is sick, and that makes Mommy very, VERY unhappy.

This parenting flub ranks right up there with celebrating Joey's 4th bd on the wrong date and letting Bam-Bam's ear drum burst because he showed NO signs of having an ear infection.

Mommy?  Boozer!

AND>>>>>>  on top of all that, as if that weren't enough, my baby's stoma (g-button site) is all messed up with granuloma tissue.  That tissue growth has pushed the button into a funny position and it is leaking milk everywhere.  So, the poor child with a fever is at risk of not getting her fluids.... and what this boils down to is that I have to leave her on her back where she is uncomfortable and might choke if (when) she barfs.  We're going tomorrow to get a silver nitrate treatment, which burns off the granuloma tissue, and if that doesn't stop the leaking I'm going to insist on a new button.  Ilse HAS to be able to lay on her tummy.

This just hasn't been a very good day all around.


  1. *HUGS*
    Emily, I am so sorry you're having such a trying time. Fevers are scary and I know it must be so hard to want to make things better. You have always been a 'let's do this' sort of person-a problem solver and a fixer. It's a wonderful character trait, but it can be frustrating when met with situations beyond our control. Ilse is blessed to have you as her mother.

    I'll be praying for you and Ilse today - I hope she was able to keep some things down- let us know how things go when you get a chance.

  2. Awww, so sorry Ilse isn't feeling well. :( Many times ear infections are fought off naturally. Is Ilse taking any vitamins? There are also some good homeopathic remedies that can help with simple illnesses.
    I HATE it when my babies are sick. Hope she is better today.


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