Monday, August 1, 2011


Ilse made so much progress today in therapy that the therapist told me that she was trying not to get too excited.  It's so hard not to get excited and anticipatory when Ilse goes from a one ml syringe to a much-larger-in-diameter three ml syringe to a bottle nipple in one therapy session.  She was drinking (!) from the two syringes and she closed her mouth properly on the nipple.  Yay for her!  I'm feeding her now via her button, and since she drank so much milk orally I'm having to feed her less.  Now isn't that a nice problem to have.

She needs to get used to having the great big giant bottle nipple in her mouth AND breathe at the same time.  She is learning that she doesn't have to gag every time she wants to.  She is doing so well.  So very, very well.

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