Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ode to the Antibiotics Shot

Ilse got the antibiotics shot yesterday, and last night and today we have a different girl.  Who is this girl?!?  The change makes me wonder just how long she'd been sick. 

She is paying attention to things!  She is smiling just because I smile at her.  She is resting peacefully..... oh the wonders a good night's sleep can provide for exhausted mommies and daddies!

She is also barfing an amazing amount less!  She's had some spit up, but none of these oh-my-word-this-is-a-river-get-me-every-piece-of-fabric-within-sight-that-can-soak-this-up kind of barfs.  It's a-ma-ZING!

I'd like to buy that antibiotics company and give my baby a shot every since day since it helps her so much.  She's back to being a non-grumpy but completely assertive Ilse.  I adore her, and I have the energy to adore her, since she let me sleep last night.  And this morning after I fed her really early.  Ahh!

Thank the Lord for some good researchers who discovered this stuff and the lovely nurse who administered it, and for all the good good things that have come out of a dreaded shot.

And soon, it'll be time to give her a bath, because she hasn't had one in a couple days.......  I need to wash all this silver nitrate off her.

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