Friday, August 5, 2011

Mr. Joey

Mr. Joey crashed his face today in the entryway.  Blood and everything.  I think he thought he was dying, but he's really just banged up.  I think his front teeth are toast, considering they are not exactly where they were.  If the surrounding gums don't look ok by Monday we'll be heading to a dentist.  His nose is all swollen and was pouring blood.  If it's broken, his handsome good looks will turn into rugged good looks. 

My poor baby.  We got him all cleaned up and now he's holding ice to his face and sitting by his daddy.

Of course, Bam-Bam has to reach out and squeeze Joey's nose after he saw me gently touching it asking if it hurt.  Bam-Bam?  Boozer!


  1. Oh poor Joey! :( Do you think his nose is broken? What in the world was he doing?

  2. Ouch! I hope Joey gets feeling better soon - I've been around injured children before and man - the adreniline pumps in direct correlation to the amount of blood. You must have been wired.

    Oh - and my supervisor got back and basically threw up all kinds of road blocks and has basically taken the project out of my hands again. I know she means well - but she doesn't explain beforehand what she wants...and so it's hard for me to take any iniative on any project. But, Dr. Drinkwater (the VP) has been giving me more projects lately, and I feel like I can do a good job under his direction.


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