Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ilse Smiles

I sat down to take a small video of Ilse on her tummy today.  As soon as I started talking about her bird she smiled.  I'm so glad I got it on video!  I was up late last night (of course) and one of the things on my mind was that I have no pictures or videos of my baby smiling.  Now I do!  Whoop!

Here it is for your viewing enjoyment.  Of course, at the end Ilse gags and I barely got the camera off before she caused me to need to wash her little toy pillow and the quilt.  Oh well.  :)


  1. what a cutie! and what a beautiful quilt she was laying on! ;-)

  2. I love how she's already rearin' to 'och'- She's going to be a strong little girl!


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