Friday, August 26, 2011

Ilse Joy Update

Tonight was the first time in a while that Ilse has felt well enough to smile.  I've so been enjoying it!  It's too bad the smiles happen late at night and during the night.  :)

We play a few games together, but she's like me: stuff's only funny the first or second time.  After that, Mommy's got to come up with something new. 

It makes me laugh to see her smile, and tonight she was talking to me.  I'd make a sharp sudden sound in her face, and she'd smile and make a sound herself.  Then, I told her she was a blessing, and she gave me a gigantic smile.  I told her again, but she wouldn't smile again.  How do I improve on telling her she's a blessing?  I guess I've got to work on it to find something additional.

Tomorrow morning we're going to get an antibiotic shot because I don't believe these 'oral' (lol) antibiotics are doing the trick.  She's still way too fussy to be feeling better enough to be getting well. 

We took a couple of naps today (Ilse and I) while the boys played quietly.  They are so good about that.  I can tell them to play quietly in the entryway or the hall, and they actually do.  They populate the area with toys and books, sit down, and have a ball.  I'm so proud of them.  Lately I've been working with Joey on his enunciation.  It doesn't do any good to know the words but speak them so run together that no one can understand them.  He's getting better.  I'm pleased that he doesn't get frustrated with working on it anymore.  He just tries hard, and as a result, he's getting better and better at his speech.

Today I flirted with the idea of sending Bam-Bam to school.  He has so impressed me with his quick thinking lately.  I was teaching Joey how to say 'reflection', but Joey couldn't get the 'fl' sound.  He kept saying 'fr' instead.  Finally he got it and then I asked Bam-Bam if he could say it.  He could, with a bit of work, and he told me that the 'fl' was like 'flick'.  And then, today he told me that the 'fil' in 'Chick-fil-a' is like some other word that is 'fi'.  Wow.  That is so good, I think, that he recognizes that.

Don't worry, Tim quickly shot down the notion of sending him to school.  Bam-Bam will be quite the reader, I think, if I can just find the time to sit down and teach him. 

Joey has more develpmental issues to work through, but he is doing so well, too.

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