Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think I'm the only mom in the universe

who smashes little cotton balls into the compartments in her daugher's car seat base to soak up barf.  Those little compartments need to be clean in my opinion, and it just takes too long to clean up disgusting, rancid barf with q-tips.  Of course, if I made a habit of daily checking out the sanitation of my child's car seat base I would have noticed the trail of dried milk and the puddle of brown rotten milk deep in one of the tiny compartments.  Maybe I'll make a habit of checking it from here on out.

I'm the only mom in my circle of friends

who washes her car seat cover very frequently.... like yesterday AND today.  It needed washing even though I had a water proof pad on it.  I also

Ilse has recently learned the art of projectile barfing.  Yay me.  Usually it ends up on me and nothing else, and so I have perfected the art of taking the fastest shower in the universe.  Of course, my fosterness says I have to use soap to wash off baby barf, but I never do.  After all, that slightly digested milk just came from me, so why should I freak out about it?

Regarding Ilse, Tim and I regularly use phrases like:

Plug her in
clamp her
unclamp her

Totally not wonderful, so I'm practicing being better about it and saying things like: Unclamp her cord.

The last two or three nights Ilse has decided she's not sleeping.  I think it might be my fault, but I'm not entirely sure I should change my ways.  I must change her diaper, after all.  I don't want her little butt to ruminate in pee all night.  But when I change her, she decides it's time to wake up.  And she won't go back to sleep.  If she gains a bit more weight she'll be in size three diapers, and then I'll be able to put her in a nighttime diaper and not worry about changing her.  Right now Ilse weighs 9 lbs. 11 oz.  That's pretty good I guess.  I've been trying to feed her more and more, and really she's doing better with her barfing, except for barfing every morning on the way to take Tim to work.  Maybe I should just wait to feed her until we get home.  I'll have to think about it.

Well, this has been a very long and babbly post.  I'm sorry about that.  Chalk it up to little sleep..... 

The boys are tired too.  We took a nap this morning since they'd both gotten into trouble before breakfast.  I know it was because they were tired.  And when I went in there to get them up at 12:15, they were still mostly asleep.  They'd been asleep two hours and 45 minutes.  Hopefully we'll get better at our schedule and they can go to bed earlier.  Although, if Ilse screams it'll just wake them in the night.  Hmmmmm........

All in all, we're a happy family.  We miss Tim during the day, and the evenings seem so short by the time we get back home, but we're managing.  Now I have 17 loads of laundry to fold.  Last night I had to do some compacting action to get it to stay on the couch.  Perhaps if I start pulling pieces off to fold them it'll be like Schtoompa and his closet.  I sure hope not.  He was a very funny fellow.

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