Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Back to Work

Tim went back to work today.  He'll be at Schimelpfineg Middle School all year this year since he got a full time job as a paraprofessional.  He's excited about the gig, and so am I, since the job comes with insurance.  It'll be Tim's first time ever having insurance.  We're super glad about it.  We'll get him started in physical therapy as we can, if we can. 

The boys, Ilse, and I did just fine by ourselves today.  I made banana bread, gassed up the car, did laundry, pumped, fed the baby and the boys, etc..

Of course, I didn't finish getting all the books organized-- a job we all began together last night.  They are everywhere.  At least we went through the boys' toys; I'm freecycling all the little Chick-fil-a cows that came in the kids' meals, and I'm also freecycling most of the dumb toys that the boys have gotten at sonic.  Believe it or not, their room looks so much better after the purging!  Eventually I need to bring in the legos from the garage.  The boys are at the age where they'd love legos.

Tim did enjoy his first day of work.  He'll be working with some nice people I think, and the hours aren't bad.  The school's pretty close, too.  We'll see how the year goes, and maybe this is the stepping stone he needs to get hired as a teacher.

All in all the day went fine.  Tomorrow is bound to be much busier once we add in therapy and doing a favor for a friend.  I need to clean the house tonight, but I'm afraid I'm too tired.  What on earth is the therapist going to say when she sees the messy house?

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