Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Mom's..... and Life

Those close to me know I really, really struggle with the "your mom" jokes.  I struggle because.... I can't quit making them, and frankly, I don't really want to.  So maybe I'm not struggling at all.  :)
And today it was manifested to me that the boys are listening intently to my jokes.  It all started with Bam-Bam telling Ilse her mom was an elephant.  I died laughing, because, of course, he doesn't get the connotation.  He was merely seeing an animal on her Play Place and incorporating it into a joke.

Then, the mom jokes morphed into some seriously funny material as Joey and Bam-Bam began to joke together.

Your mom's a spoon!  Your mom's a fridge!  Your mom's a sticker!  Your mom's a bird!

And then, since they were talking to me, and my mom is Mamaw, the comments became:

Mamaw's a fridge!  Mamaw's a bird!  Mamaw's a fork!

I didn't enlighten them as to the real way to make your mom jokes.  They are a bit young to understand.  I just enjoyed listening.

My crowning glory of your mom jokes came when, at the last church potluck, one of my sisters remarked that some dessert was mousse, and I, in my great capacity for linking grammar and your mom jokes, remarked, "Your mom's mousse!"  Because, she had MADE the mousse.  I'm quite sure all of you see how I took the word "mom's" and transformed it from a contraction meaning "mom is" to a possessive.  I'm sneaky that way.  :) 


Right now we're working around the house to get ready for tomorrow.  Well, I'm working.  The boys are being wild and Tim is snoring on the living room floor with a very comfy baby on his chest.  She has grown so much since these days:

I love my family.

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