Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Bit the Bullet

We bit the bullet and changed Ilse's meal speed.  Boy howdy, she's doing great.  We decided to go ahead and jump to 40 minute feeds instead of 1 and a half hours or 1 hour fifteen.  I don't know what possessed me to switch it two nights ago all of a sudden, but I did, and I'm so glad.  I even gave her a bolus (gravity) feed of 60 mls in about 10 minutes with nary a barf in sight.  Phew!

In a day or two we'll lower her feeds to 30 minutes.  Then after that, I'll increase the amount she's getting with the goal of having to do no feeding at night.  When we can conquer the no food at night issue, then Ilse can sleep in her very own pretty green room.  At least, I tell myself that's when we'll move her.  We'll see what this mommy heart can manage.

My reasoning for amping up the speed rate so dramatically all at once is my philosophy that Ilse barfs no matter what is going on, or no matter what is not going on.  The only thing I can see that it is tied to is her pooping, but today she didn't barf when she was pooping.  I think she's growing out of that, too.  We'll just keep monitoring her and taking care of our precious little blessing Ilse.

I got to hold her for an extended period of time yesterday, and I enjoyed it so much.  It's the first time I got to hold her that long and just cuddle since the hospital stay.

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