Monday, July 11, 2011

This Week

This week is a busy one.  We got out this morning to conduct some business which will likely end up negatively, and then we rushed home to have Ilse's therapy only to discover the therapist had to cancel.  That was just as well because my poor baby Ilse is sick.  She either has a cold or allergies, and I'm not sure which.  I'm am 98% confident she doesn't have lung problems (always in the back of my mind since I've gotten so much conflicting advice on whether or not to put liquid in her mouth) because she isn't having any trouble breathing with her mouth, just through her nose.  Poor thing; I've tried the nasal spray (she acted like I had assinated her.... hung her from the ceiling by her toenails) but it didn't do much good.  It's possible that the bawling it preciptated just caused more mucous which made the nasal spray absolutely worthless.  It's possibly just a vicious circle. 

We have therapy again tomorrow, and I'm afraid we won't be able to work on her sucking, because, really, who can close her mouth and suck when she can't breathe through her nose?  I'm certainly not going to make her try.

This afternoon after our morning business we made it to Wal-mart.  I'm so glad we got to go; we've been needing to for weeks.  I bought some cherries.  I always loved eating cherries as a child; I thought they were the most special treat ever and LOVED it when my mother bought them.  I'm going to introduce the treat to the boys.  Surely it won't hurt them too much when they inevitably forget to spit out the pit.

The end of my pregnancy marked the end of my decorating genius.  I have so many pretty things to hang in Ilse's room, but I have no idea how to go about it.  I'm going to wait for some advice before I do too much work in there, and in the mean time all the wall handings are just sitting in her crib.  Sometime this week, in spite of all the busyness, maybe I'll work at it a bit. 

We have doctors appointments Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday Ilse will get 50 million shots.  I'm so sad for her; I know it won't be fun, but we are determined that we will get her her vaccinations.  We'll even get her the chicken pox vaccine even though it's kind of a rite of passage (in my book) to have the pox.  It's a rite my poor baby can skip.  Ilse's not the only one who needs vaccines.  The boys are behind.  I need to take them to the dentist too, but we have to wait a bit for that and I need to decide where to take them.  Nothing could convince me to go back to the Medicaid dentist.  I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate that office.  There's a big sign on the wall talking about how they value their patients and treat them right..... blah blah blah.  It's a load of hooey.  There is a THREE HOUR WAIT.  I do not feel valued.

Thursday Ilse goes back to the GI.  I love love love that doctor, although I don't so much like having to leave my stroller in the hall, get my baby necked and have her freeze her little tookus off.  Next time I'll know in advance and I'll carry in her diaper bag or something.  I never did post what the doctor said about Ilse last week.  She is on the growth curve.  She is near the bottom, but she's on it.  Yay!  He says she looks great.  She has fat stores which is what he wants to see.  He doesn't believe in stuffing a baby and making her barf.  He told me to cut out all the extra calories and you know what??!!??  Ilse is barfing less.  She used to barf every feed, and now she doesn't.  I don't know that she has barfed at all today, except when she pooped.  That is a given.  If she poops, she barfs.  I kinda think that that is why she barfs in the first place.  I had noticed how much less she was barfing since the hospital, and you know???  She's not pooping constantly like she did as a fresh baby.  I'm betting she will barf less and less as she grows.  Already the great big giant barfs are few and far behind.  Now they are only moderately large.  Mostly they are just tiny, not even what a normal person would qualify as barfing.  And even though we're not giving her the Prevacid, she's not struggling with reflux as much.  She rarely has the large screaming in pain episodes that she used to. 

Ilse is going to be 10 weeks old on Wednesday.  I can't believe it.

And lately, the boys have changed so much too.  Mostly Bam-Bam.... he has grown tall!  He definitely no longer looks like a toddler.  He is a little boy now. 

I was not a good example today.  I was hot (no excuse) and I felt like I had two of the most inept children there ever were.  Suddenly Bam-Bam could not remember his colors to pick up the right items, and Joey decided he did not know what a counter was.  Oh my word.  They also didn't know what a desk was, how to shut a door, and a myriad of other things.  Finally I got it together and was only mildly annoyed instead of very annoyed.  They are doing better now, I think, but that could be just because I stopped expecting them to know today what they knew yesterday.  That is such a sad thing to have to give up on, but I needed to preserve my sanity.  Tomorrow we'll get after them again to pay attention!  If Mommy says put it on the desk, that means put it on the desk.  It does not mean you can put it on the floor and act like you don't know what the desk is. 

Ilse slept much better last night.  We were such mean parents yesterday and kept her up as much as possible, and as a result we had a relatively good night sleep last night.  Today, though, since she is sick, I couldn't stomach making her wake up.  She got to sleep as much as she wanted, and I know that tonight won't be fun. 

The boys are being absolutely wild and loving every minute of it.  I'm so happy they are happy. 

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