Friday, July 15, 2011

This Dirty Boy!

I don't bathe the boys every day.  I know, that statement should be titled under "Confessions" simply because I'm of the Foster variety.  Yes, I don't bathe the boys every day.  In fact, this week I think I might have only bathed them..... um, never mind.

But on the second day of no baths, the boys get to get dirty.  They LOVE this.  They go into the yard and get as dirty as possible, or at least, Bam-Bam does.  Joey is a little more sophisticated; he only gets sweaty.  But Bam-Bam, wow!  He gets so dirty that when I shower him afterwards there is mud in my shower.  No joke.  He piles it in his hair, he cakes it down his shirt; it was even in his undies!  I so wanted to take a picture, but since it would have involved neckedness on this blog, I refrained.  I caught a nice little glimpse as he was walking to the shower.  I had, in the good old CLEAN way, had the boys strip naked in the back yard-- it's ok, nobody was out there. 

Bam-Bam had a collar of dirt on his upper back.  Yes, it looked just like a collar.  And it wasn't a dusting of dirt, either.  It was a pile, a clump, a mountain of dirt.  And then on his very very very lower back he had an upside down triangle of dirt.  Obviously his anatomy encouraged this triangle when he tumped dirt down the back of his shirt.

It was so funny to me, that he enjoys getting so incredibly dirty.  What is the draw, I wonder?  Why on earth would anybody want to put dirt and twigs in their hair?!?  But he does, and I rarely ever see him so carefree and happy as when he is out in the yard getting dirty.

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