Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Smiling, Growing Up Baby

Ilse has started smiling. They're infrequent, but earlier today she smiled at me five times in a row when I was making kissing noises at her. Her smiles are a bit crooked.... she kinda squints one eye and smiles mostly with one side of her mouth. It is super cute. I am searching the house for the camera charging cord so I can video her. Yes, my house is that, well, it's that something and it makes me lose things.

Ilse is doing some other cute things, too. She has started to pull blankets and things close to her face. It's like she's cuddling with them as she sleeps. She has also started to pull her legs up under her butt, hiking her booty in the air.

She is still pretty congested. If it doesn't go away semi soon, I'll consider eliminating dairy from my diet, although the doctor told me that for that to be a problem for her, I'd have to be drinking multiple glasses of milk a day. I'm not (well, sometimes I am, if we have Oreos in the house. Or 'Nilla Wafers.), but I wasn't when this cold/allergies started, so that's not likely the problem. I really think it is allergies to something, because it is attached to a million and five sneezes. Ilse is the sneezing Queen. Five or more in a row is common!!

The therapist today was incredibly impressed with Ilse's swallowing. We were syringing milk into her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She even closes her mouth around the syringe like she is supposed to. As soon as it is possible, I'll pursue the lactation consultant option to see if we can get going on this. And I'm still planning on having Ilse see an ENT to see if there is anything wrong with her palette. It's possible that she could be fitted with a prosthesis that would cover her high palette and give her something to suck against. We'll see. The therapist mentioned that option and I read about it in a book (or somewhere-- I don't remember since I'm sure it was the middle of the night) and maybe, just maybe it is an option to help our baby out a bit.

I'm expecting to go to the doctor in September and have them tell me that Ilse's head is no longer small. I have a theory about her head size. Supposedly (and it really is supposedly) she grew extra big bodywise because of extra sugar. If that is the case, it only affects her body, and thus her head would seem small. We'll see.

Also, we are supposed to be getting results from the SLO testing the week of August 8. I am trying not to think about it too much because there is no speeding it up and there is no predicting what the results will be. There are so many good opinions on both sides of the issue. Tim and I lean one way some days and the other way other days. Either way it goes, Ilse is doing really well. She's completely on target developmentally with the exception of her neck muscles, and she is dramatically improving there. We love her and are so thankful to be the parents to a wonderful Ilse Joy.

*Note about the boys: They are growing!!! I'm going to have to measure Christopher specifically because no matter how much I feed him he still looks too skinny to me, and he seems tired lately. He is shooting up, so he must be in a growth spurt, or something. Both of them need new tennis shoes, because even Joey's from last year are too small for Christopher this year. Wow. I love taking them shopping, but for my sanity we're going to have to wait until it is a little cooler. I'm thankful for Old Navy flip flops!

Also, both boys are speaking better and better. Bam-Bam shocked me the other day with how quickly he said something, and Joey is using bigger and bigger words. What blessings both my boys are.

The Lord has been so good to bless us with three kids. Come November we've got to make a decision about fostering. Our inactive status expires then, and I believe that if we don't go active then, we lose our license and would have to redo EVERYTHING to ever adopt or foster again. Right now I don't know that I could handle a foster child (the paperwork and excessive rules), but maybe by November I'll feel differently. Honestly, we're considering, if we start fostering again, requesting a child/baby on a feeding tube. Homes for medically needy kids are hard to find, and we definitely have the experience. There are many things to consider, because it would even mean rearranging the boys room to fit another bed in there, and we could really only take a boy. Furthermore, our agency came down with this ridiculous ruling that you must accept any and all children you get calls about, because if it wasn't the Lord's will for you to foster that child, you wouldn't get a call about him/her. That's just dumb, in our opinion, but, that's what they think. Lots, lots, lots to think and pray about.

This post has to be done, because I need to go pick up my wonderful husband who took our boys to the park. Ahhh, a couple hours of quiet with my Ilse has been nice, and I got a lot done. :)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of Ilse smiling! I'm so glad your family is growing (literally!)

  2. I'm so glad to hear how well Ilse has been growing! Thanks for keeping us updated. Now we want pics!


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