Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ilse's Food

Ilse's eating has evolved quite a bit since we brought her home.  She is now able to do 90 mls every three hours.  I'm so proud of her; especially since she has gotten to where she almost never barfs unless she's pooping.  It's odd how those things seem to go together.  I'm sure (lol) that she is barfing because she's such a refined lady that pooping grosses her out.  :)  I believe her barfing is getting better for a few reasons.

1) Her muscle tone is improving.
2) I'm avoiding eating spicy things... sorry, Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick-fil-a.
3) I switched to the Target brand of formula for gassy/fussy babies instead of giving her Neosure.
4) We're no longer fortifying her milk, be it breastmilk or formula.  She just gets it straight.  As the GI says, a baby who's fed too much will barf.

I don't understand why the pediatrician said that extra calories wouldn't affect her tummy, when we all know very well that we can eat way more salad than we can cheesecake.  Sadly, if we ate the same amount of cheesecake that we did of salad, we'd barf, too.  It'd be because of the extra calories/richness of the cheesecake.  I'd much rather give Ilse straight breastmilk/formula and have her barf less, than try to beef her up by giving her extra calories and have her barf more.

At any rate, Ilse is gaining weight.  Now she weighs 9lbs. 4  1/2 oz.  That's giant.

And today I noticed that Ilse has started holding up her head quite a bit more than she did.  Perhaps it's the tummy time we've been doing, or perhaps it's just her increased muscle tone.  She's a growing, developing Ilse!


  1. Go Ilse!! (And go mommy!!)

    Wish I was close enough to give you a hug, Em! You are such a good mother.


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