Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The hardest thing about being a mother to a four and five year old

The other day it occurred to me what the hardest thing about being a mother to a four and five year old is.  Brace yourselves, people.  It's not something fantastic like it being hard when my kids misbehave, or when they make the house a disaster, or when I'm worried because they are sick and hurting.

No.  The hardest thing is:

I have to talk.  Yep, that's it.  I know it might seem like a surprise, but I'm not a natural born talker.  Oh, I can hold my own if I must.  But it's hard, and (I admit it!) I agonize over being able to keep up the conversation every single time I'm put in that position.  What if I have nothing else to say?  Aren't people getting tired of hearing, "So, yeah, I don't know anything else."  Or, "Wow!"  :)  At least when I say the first thing I'm being honest.  I really don't know anything else that I can say!

So, the boys will be talking to me, and I do love their talking, but it makes me have to respond!  Responding to the "Mommy?" 20000 times a minute is so exhausting, not because I don't want to listen.  I do!  I just have nothing to say.

Once when Mom and I were heading to the doctor when I was a teenager, she mentioned that the car is always quiet when it was only I there.  (me there?  Not sure.  I think it's I, since it's a predicate nominative, right, Eunice?) 

I still like quiet, and even in the morning I just need Tim to not overwhelm me with conversation the first thing.  I can't stand it.  Just two minutes of quiet is what I desire.  One time I got into a huge argument with someone because there was too much information input and I shouted at them to just be quiet!  I seriously can't think when someone won't stop talking long enough for me to think about what they said, especially in an argument.

I don't believe this qualifies me as an introvert, since I love being around the kids/people and don't feel a need to be alone.  I just don't want to be required to talk.  Sounds awfully selfish when I put it that way, huh.  Yes, I'm seriously handicapped in this area.  Maybe I'll grow out of it, but I doubt it.  I guess I'll just have to work on it.


  1. It must be summer. You and Ivy wrote similar posts. You both must be locked inside avoiding the AWFUL HEAT! LOL
    Not to be a grammar Nazi:

    It is me. (the predicate noun, even though it is referring to the subject.... :)

  2. I AGREE!!! I am an introvert, and while I can talk PLENTY, I actually very often hate it. ESPECIALLY when I'm trying to do anything else. One thing--either the talking or the hands on thing--will be an epic fail. Ugh. I'm sorry.


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