Sunday, July 31, 2011

Get me out of the house, nooooowwww!!!

Tim and I both get into this state where we have to get out of the house... now!  It's like, dramatic, people.  I don't know if it's because the house is dark, because we've been in one room too long or what, but we've got to get out.  That's where we are this minute.  We're heading to pick up my camera charger from Eunice's house... she's had it since the shower!  The dearth of pictures on this blog is about to come to an end, pretty promptly when we get home.

Also, we're doing pretty well with Ilse's food today.  I didn't manage to wake up by 7am to start her meals, so she got the first one at 8:45am, and the last will be at 11:45pm.  That's much better than going to bed at three or four, so hopefully Ilse will cooperate and go to sleep!

Have a great night!

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