Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ilse Update

I know I'm very scandalous not to have pics posted yet, but honestly, I'm quite busy just now.
I did want to give a little update though, from the perspective of hindsight.... which is always 2020, and in this case, was accurate when it was only foresight.

Tim and I went shopping for a stroller.  I'd been told to only get the stroller frame, because, a) it was cheaper and b) it was easier to manuever and store.  I did buy a stroller frame, on Craigslist no less, but when Tim and I were walking through Toys R Us, we saw this lovely car seat and stroller which we just couldn't resist.  We thought we were splurging.....


It turns out that Ilse hates her car seat.  I don't know if it's the angle of her head or if it's the fact that the buckle sits uber, uber close to her little g-tube.  Poor thing.

But at any rate, she screams bloody murder and it breaks my little ol' mommy heart.  :)

So today for our Walmart trip (remembering that Ilse screamed her way through Sam's) I decided to take her out of her seat... nevermind the fact that she had just baptized it (the immersion kind, not the head sprinkling kind) with spit up......   and put her in the giant, unstorable stroller we bought that was horrendously expensive.

She loved it.  She didn't cry AT ALL.  Her head didn't loll around AT ALL.  She could rest her sweet little cheek on the soft and ploushy covers of the buckle that went NOWHERE near her g-tube at all.

Ahhhh.  What a nice shopping trip we had.  It's interesting how God makes all things work together for the God of those who love Him.... which means, that since Ilse was so much happier, SHE must be the one who loves God, because it definitely worked out for her good.  :) :) :) :)

Now I'm washing her barf soaked car seat...  eww!.... while Ilse sleeps peacefully in her bed receiving her egg.  Unfortunately, that means she will be barfing again soon, because, really, who wants egg?!?

I will post pics soon.  In the mean time, feast on these tidbits.  Ilse can pick up her head when she lays on her tummy.  The pediatrician scoffed at the neonatologists' thought that Ilse should be doing more with her head control than she is.  We'll see who's right in the long run.  I'm flirting with the idea of stopping pumping... but there are pros and cons both ways and I can't decide.  So I'm plugging away, and I know it is best for her.  Unfortunately, it isn't best for the boys or my housework, or being on time anywhere.  I'm going to wait until the DNA test comes back and until ECI evaluates her before I make a decision.  I'm so sad that right now it looks like I won't ever be able to nurse the only baby I might ever have, and if I give up the pumping too soon, and then the OT says... Whoops!!!  This baby can nurse with a little work!... I'd kick myself forever.  I know no one can help me with this decision.  Ivy tried and terribly failed ;) but you can pray for me that I'll be happy with my decision, whichever way I go. 

Ilse does have terrible gas, from the egg and the formula (which is a con to stopping pumping, btw) but since we have to use formula for added calories anyway, and we certainly can't stop the egg, there's just no way around that other than patting her back and helping her bear it. 

She isn't spitting up as much as she was in the NICU, but she does still do it quite a bit.  I'm hoping she is gaining weight anyway and we'll know on Tuesday when we go for a weight check. 

And tomorrow we have an eye exam since Mommy is concerned about her baby girl's cataracts.  The rude opthamologist dismissed them at the NICU (and made me cry to the point of accidently yanking on her g-tube tube which made her bleed and scream... I felt like the worst mother in the world, and I think in that moment I was.  I mean, come on.  Who hurts their baby even accidentally other than the worst mother in the world?!?) so I found another doctor who hopeully will listen and allay my concerns, or I will just find yet another, because my Ilse is more important than some self-important doctor.  I just hope I can understand this doctor's accent.  I've been having trouble with my attention span, and I'm afraid that will carry over into undertstanding this doctor.

I know it's late, but I still have so much stuff to do tonight, so I will end this probably very long post.  Have a great night!

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  1. Ems, let us know about how her eye appt. goes! Also: Just FYI, Milk allergies are HUGE in our family, as is Gluten.... She may have inherited gluten and dairy intolerance..... and it may be that she needs a different type of formula, and for you to not have gluten or dairy while you are nursing. Sorry to be the bearer of the news of the family genes. Or is that jeans. :)


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