Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family life

is not very easy these days.  Joey and Bam-Bam are regressing some, but I suppose that is a bit to be expected.  It is still disappointing, though.  Joey has decided that he can't tell the truth about anything.  Everything is, "I forgot" when he did it on purpose or "I think it did it itself" when that is of course, impossible, or "Somebody else moved me" when no one else is in the room.  Hopefully he will realize (again) soon that lying is NEVER ok or worth it.
And Bam-Bam has decided that he can't pee in the potty anymore.  Shame on him, but he peed on Auntie Ivy's floor!  I'm surprised she ever wants us to come over again.  Wait, maybe she doesn't.  :)

Ilse is growing much better than people expected.  She does some of the things on the 0-3 month checklist, and just in the last couple of days she has started batting at the toys dangling in front of her.  She is also more and more awake, although, mostly, it's in the late evening.  She is awake right now and has been for an hour or more.  I haven't been able to do tummy time with her, but starting tomorrow she will since we're getting her mic-key changed out tomorrow.  She definitely needs more head control, but I believe it will come.  We have to remember to guage her on her adjusted age.  Even though she was 8 weeks old yesterday, she's not to be evalulated as a nearly two month old baby.

We're still working on getting her eating schedule worked out.  I think she got a little dehydrated, and apparently the doctor agreed because after I mentioned it to the nurse the doctor called back pretty darn fast to help me increase her mls and adjust her eating schedule.  Sadly, the plan she came up with is absolutely impossible to implement, so I came up with a different plan that is not quite so impossible, although still pretty impossible.  So far she is doing really well on it, although I am not so happy with my performance.  After she finished a meal around 1am last night, I set my alarm for just before four to get her some more milk.  I got the bag ready and put it in the fridge, set the pump, and everything.  All I had to do was get up and plug her in, lol.  And, I didn't even hear the alarm.  Tim didn't hear it either, and apparently Ilse didn't get the memo that she should be screaming with hunger either because she slept perfectly happily until around 8:30am when she was hungry again.  I guess I'm not starving her if she doesn't tell me she's hungry, but I feel like I'm starving her because I'm not able to give her the requisite number of mls during the day.  At this juncture the pediatrician says she's to get 584 a day, and yesterday she only got 450, some of which she barfed up.  Today she's doing well.  We have two more 90 ml feedings to do today and then the long 134 ml session tonight.  We'll see how it goes.  Ilse is growing and peeing, and that is what matters.

I'm truly enjoying being Ilse's mommy.  I've written 10,000 posts about the boys, and now it's Ilse's turn to get posts written about her.  I'm sure these posts will even out, but right now Ilse is my focus since she is so needy.  Right now it is taking both Tim and me to handle the three kids.  I'm sure that by the end of August when Tim goes back to school I'll be able to do it all myself, but right now, we're still getting used to taking care of Ilse's eating.  Ironically, all the normal baby stuff is a piece of cake.  Lol.

I don't particularly like the way the above paragraph sounds regarding all three of our babies, but I don't know how else to explain the fact that the boys are so much more self-sufficient than Ilse that it really is ok for me to be paying more attention to her.

The boys are doing really well; they are happy (unless they are lying or peeing) and just enjoying being boys.  Oh... apparently these toy computers are the bomb.  Bam-Bam is getting a good handle on his letters.  The other day he told me that Y starts with yarn and yak.  :)  Backwards, but he's getting it.  Joey is doing a bit better on his colors, and both of them are pros at life skills.  I'm so proud of them.

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