Thursday, June 23, 2011

Am I crazy

or is Ilse barfing just a bit less than previously since going on the Prevacid?  I guess time will tell.  Please pray it's so.  (That she's barfing less, not that I'm crazy.  I wouldn't thank you for that.  :)

My mom came today to help me clean up my house.  I know, I'm sure I shouldn't need help, but I certainly did and I can't thank her enough.  My floors are now clean, and my stuff is dusted.  I feel much better, and Ilse's room looks all bright and clean.

Ilse screamed some today, but she stopped when I put her on my lap and hushed her and patted her.  It's amazing how my voice can quiet her. 

We are still working on tweaking her food.  I'm trying to keep to the schedule the hospital doctors set up but sometimes it's impossible.  Two nights ago I apparently talked in my sleep and told Tim just to turn off her pump when the first half of her milk had finished, and today her food times were all messed up.  Nevertheless, she's gaining weight.  She's now 8 lbs. 14 1/2 ounces, according to our scale.  The last time I weighed her she was 8 lbs. 11 1/2 oz.  I'm pleased she's growing, but I'm sad she has grown out of one of my favorite outfits.  Her little lady bug onesie is no more.  She's not too fat for it; she's too long.  Much, much too long.  It looks like a long shirt, and since Ilse is a lady, she ALWAYS covers her diaper.  Long shirts with no bottoms simply won't do.

Tonight she fell asleep on my chest since she just bawled every time I put her down.  I know I could be creating a monster, but I'm very willing to deal with that when the time comes.  Right now I just want to enjoy my baby and have her enjoy me.  We've already missed enough time together.

About Joey and Bam-Bam...  they have discovered getting dirty in the yard.  I don't mind, and they just love it.  Bam-Bam comes in covered in dirt and so so sweaty!  He definitely takes after his father.  Nobody sweats more than Mr. Timothy Minich.  All he has to do is sit there and breathe and he needs a shower.  Bam-Bam is exactly the same. 

We have finally given the boys permission to get out of bed in the morning and play in their room until we wake up.  They wanted this for the longest time..... but NOW, they aren't taking the privilege.  Apparently THEY have discovered sleeping in.  Joey tells me, "But we were still sleeeeeeeping."  Ok then.

And we are slowly but surely getting things together around here.  We've figured out what we need to take where and we've found some shortcuts, mostly thanks to Kimberly. 

AND the other night we actually went through the dirty, disgusting, moldy laundry from the garage (remember the flood?) and threw it away.  Except Tim had forgotten to put out the trash the day before, so he said, "Well, let's just put these bags of clothes in the dog kennel."  And that night it rained.  I do NOT want to know what those clothes smell like now.  I loved Stella, but once I was pregnant I almost NEVER bathed her.  She stank, and now those clothes......  eww.

Everybody take care!  :)

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  1. yayyy for less spitting up, and a happy growing baby, mothers who help (and yes you should need help!),clean house, time spent enjoying your baby, and little boys who enjoy getting dirty! May God continue to bless little Ilse and your family!


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