Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Birth Prep (Week 34), and Thankfulness

I've written down in my calendar when I need to have certain things done by.... but we're moving it all up again.  We just don't want to be caught off guard, and with the amount of achy-ness/tiredness I've been experiencing, we're just wondering really how long my blood pressure will stay acceptable.  I've started to notice some swelling in my feet, hands, and legs, so if it gets bad or gets to my face, that'll be the end of the waiting.  My poor toes look like tiny appendages coming out from a giant sausage foot.  :)

My ultrasound for week 34 is Monday.  I'm betting they'll tell me Ilse is upwards of five pounds and that I've gained 10 in the past two weeks.  I wouldn't be surprised at all.  Of course, after doing some reading, I've learned that a gain of more than two pounds a week is a reflection of blood pressure, so I'll be relieved if I've really only gained four pounds.

I've mostly completed my list of items necessary to have here when we come home from the hospital.  Mom told me of some things I never would have thought of, and we are planning this shopping trip on May 8.  It won't be fun.  Shopping is already not fun, but maybe if I nap a very long time day before, I'll be able to get through it.  ;)

I think Dad is helping us paint Ilse's room Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, and the following Wednesday (because I think by then I will have mostly recuperated from our May 8 shopping trip) I am going to buy some nightgowns, because I don't want to wear a hospital one. 

Soon I'm going to recruit Ivy to do some bodily beautifying on me, like paint my toes, unless I can do it myself.  I might still be able to, since I just did it a couple weeks ago.  I think I'm done with this green, though.  I need to choose another fab color for the fab day to come.

I cleaned my bathroom floor tonight, and I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I'll be able to do some vacuuming.  It seems like wanting to do vacuuming is my recurring theme..... :)

I'm also seriously considering making a doctor appointment for my wrist.  It is still hurting, and nothing I'm doing is making it feel better.  I know what I really need is an anti-inflammatory, but that just isn't allowed.  I'd also like to talk to the doctor about getting some other medicine for a condition that may, or may not, be going around.  I'd just like to be proactive considering I don't think getting this condition that may, or may not, be going around would be good for my blood pressure.  :)  I do love everyone, though.  :)

Here's something else that has been on my mind, and please, bear with me since this is a bit of a soap box.

I am more than thankful to be pregnant.  I'm rejoicing in each and every new symptom or issue because it means....... I'M PREGNANT.  Wow, it's still amazing to me that God did this.  So even if I say I'm tired, or I say I'm concerned about my blood pressure, or if I say that I'm having trouble getting my vacuuming done, or if I say I'm peeing constantly and sitting in the church nursery on Sundays now because the only maternity skirt I have is so short I can't sit modestly in the service and the chair is killing my wrist and tailbone anyway.....  et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.....

I'm STILL thankful that I'm pregnant, and none of those comments should be taken as complaining, because I'm really not.  I'm so happy to be experiencing even this complete exhaustion.  I'm so thankful that my wrist hurts enough to make want to cuss but I HAVEN'T :) and I'm so pleased to spend money that isn't in the bank account yet to have a delicious epidural, and I'm uber uber thankful that my feet are swollen and my skin on my belly is itchy and stretched and doesn't even feel like mine anymore.

God created an amazing little life and he blessed me with the experience of pregnancy that I have wanted to have for such a tremendously long time.

So please, hear my comments and don't think I'm complaining.  I don't feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever (yet) even though I have been known to cry lately because I feel so stupid for being so tired and making Tim do all the work, but I'm still amazingly HAPPY.


  1. I always felt bad when I was pregnant and people asked how I was, because I wasn't the type to say "wonderful" like everyone else, I was feeling rotten and tried to say it nicely, but it was still rotten. I always felt like I sounded complainy, but I was just being honest. This last pregnancy though, was the first one that I was honestly able to say I felt good through most of it, and it was wonderful :) May God give you grace as you go into those final weeks, they are tough. And after having 7 unmedicated births, I have decided that hospitals aren't the place for unmedicated births, so praise God for epidurals !!

    'Read on your MIL's blog that Ilse has arrived! 'Looking forward to updates and pics!
    Maria (Canada)


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