Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ilse Pics

Here are some more pictures of our Ilse Joy.  She was so cute today.... she kept making this purring sound for long stretches of time.  She also said "Ba".  Of course, I told her she had really said 'I love Jesus and Mommy and Daddy' because, of course that's what she really meant by "Ba". 

She also does little bitty smiles, and no, it's not gas.  As my dear sister Ivy pointed out.... do you smile when you have gas?!?!?

I went to Babies R Us tonight after leaving the hospital and I got Ilse some more onsies, blankets, and Swaddle Mes.  I couldn't make myself buy white onsies... she is a girl after all, and I don't want anyone to doubt it.

Tim asked me if I'm having fun shopping for her, but honestly, no, I'm not.  It's sad buying things to take up to the NICU and leave there, not to mention marking them with our name so they don't get swiped.  But right now there are very few things I can do for her beyond the most necessary one of praying, so I want to make sure I do them to the best of my ability:

Diaper changes (if I'm there)
and making sure she has clean clothes and blankets

And today I got to snuggle her after a traumatic spit up session.  Of course she calmed down after a few minutes on my chest.

She is our wonderful, precious blessing from God.

I love dressing my little girl in pink.

Mommy, why did you wake me up?!?

Tiny itty bitty smile.

I love how she puts her hands.

Safe on Daddy!


  1. These are wonderful pictures Emily. Great times. She is precious.

  2. So super cute. :) What a sweetlittle girly!

  3. What precious photos. She is such a sweetie and looks so beautiful and snuggly in her pink onesies and blankies. You are such a good mommy, Emily, and Tim looks like he's loving fatherhood to his precious baby girl. And, I know that your boys are the best big brothers! Have a blessed day.


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