Tuesday, May 31, 2011

God works in mysterious ways

Just for anyone who's missed the last eight years of our lives.......

It is so interesting how God has worked all things together.

First, Tim's in school, like, forever. 

Then, we're infertile for seven years. 

We finally adopt.... and adore our two boys immensely.

Then, I get pregnant right when the.... pardon my French......  PEOPLE in the House and Senate pass that horrendous bill, which contains the massive amount of tax credit for people who adopted.

Now we have money to pay for Ilse's birth, whereas before we would have been in massive debt.  (At least, we'll have it if the IRS ever gets going on our tax return.)

Then, I have an easy pregnancy BUT end up having Ilse early because of preeclampsia.

Ilse seems to have issues and lo and behold, she is diagnosed with Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome, which I laughed at that possibility every time the doctor asked if we wanted to test something, thinking, um..... that's impossible.

Ilse's being born early is such a blessing, because supposedly cholesterol is transmitted to the developing baby during the first and second trimesters, but not the third, so she went very little time without what she needed.

Now Ilse is in the NICU and I am doing more driving than ever before in my life, and I'm thankful we bought a good minivan and that it's summer so Tim is here to help.

People are fond of saying that our lives are like seeing the bottom of a lovely tapestry that God is weaving... that we can only see the ugly stuff.  That's not true.  I can see this whole chain of events and how God orchestrated it all.  I'm sure you can see how everything would have fallen apart if even one piece of this chain were missing. 

And even though we have tons of decisions to make and juggling to do (how on EARTH do you feed a baby for 1 and a half hours without moving said baby and get anything else done?!?  I have no clue.) we are still so eager to have our precious baby home and get on with life, because honestly, that life will be joyous and amazing, exactly the way God planned it from the foundations of the world.

One other thing on the Ilse front.... the doctor said today that if she keeps spitting up so badly, we are going to do another upper GI to see if the g-tube is blocking something.  I know worsened spitting up/vomiting is a risk of the surgery, but this is getting a bit excessive.  It's nothing we can't handle, though, as I assured the nurse today.  It's amazing to me this other part of the chain of events.  I hate eggs, Kim hates eggs, neither of us believe in barfing, and yet....... here we are, with children who need eggs like crazy and children who barf at the drop of a hat a mile away.  That is uber funny, and you really do have to look at it that way, because otherwise you'd fall apart.


  1. Em's I was thinking about the throwing up thing. I couldn't handle barf when the boys were little, so if anybody went tubular..... I threw away the sheets, gagging all the way to the trash can.
    In your case, that would be A LOT of sheets! I am praying that God gives you the grace and strength you need to change those sheets every time it happens, and make little Ilse smell sweet once again. :) You are a good mommy!

  2. Why Emily, you have a beautiful voice! I'm in tears of joy from reading through your journey. What an amazing young woman you are. Please
    write me: las.curve@gmail.com



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