Monday, May 2, 2011

Body Parts and Bah Dah Bum........

Last night as I was showering the boys I began asking them where certain body parts are.  I'm shocked how many they didn't know.

They didn't know:

belly button (Joey)
shoulder (Joey)
neck/throat (Joey)

I seriously need to teach them these things.  I had NO IDEA they didn't know them!

They did know where their butts were.  :)  Everyone needs to know that.

Lately, Joey has decided that he doesn't know how to make the 's' sound--- which is just ridiculous, since he's been making it correctly for months. 

And Bam-Bam is just like his Daddy... I asked him to bring me my phone, and he stops three feet away and tries to stretch,   s t r e t c h,      s  t  r  e  t  c  h ...... to hand me the phone.  That is exactly what Tim does.  Of course, Tim has a reason; he wants to save his legs as much movement as possible (and I personally think he thinks I can reach as far as he can, and of course I can't, because I'm a GIRL.)

So in the middle of writing this post, I heard a sound that I recognized, and sure enough, my garage is a lake, or at least, before the dam of Mount Washmore there is a lake.  And my kitchen sink won't drain...... arg.  Unfortunately, the washer and the sink drain on the same line.  Apparently, there is a clog after the dishwasher but BEFORE the boys' sink.  So their sink drains, but the kitchen sink and the shower drain into the garage, or rather the five gallon bucket I've already emptied once.  And who says pregnant women can't lift anything.  I personally think that five gallon bucket is way heavier than Joey or Christopher.  Or even the dresser that no one wants me to lift.  What is going on here?  :)

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