Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 31

I am slowly but surely starting to get our house in baby-perfect order.  It's a job, let me tell you.  I have some items in Ilse's closet that I need to find homes for, and I need to wash her gowns that I bought and her stuffed animals.  I also need to buy a recliner for her room; this is something Tim and I have put off, but soon after May 10 (tax return day?!?!?) we need to go find one and snap it up.  I need to choose a paint color for Ilse's room and either paint it myself or beg help from my Daddy.  I don't mind painting it, but I was told in no uncertain terms (thanks, Mom :)  that I don't belong on a ladder.  I can't blame my mother: I told Tim the exact same thing.  He certainly doesn't belong on a ladder.

I'd love to clean out the closets in my room of unnecessary items, but I'm not holding my breath about it.  Also, I need to figure out how to wash a pack 'n' play, as if that's possible.

I also need to pack the boys' overnight bags and continue to prepare them (and the person they stay with) about what's coming.  Our boys are so not normal, and I need to make sure that Kim is aware of what they need.  There's still time to back out, Eunice!

It's going to be a little difficult getting this stuff done, just because I've gotten so tired.  Let me clarify; I've gotten so sleepy!  The other day was my two nap day, and then yesterday I also took two naps EVEN THOUGH I slept 8 plus hours the night before.  I'm so thankful the boys can play so happily as I doze.  I'm also thankful my bedroom door and bed is exactly straight down the hall from their room, so all I have to do to check on them is pop open an eyeball and look ahead of me.  I'm so thankful they have each other to entertain each other... a second pregnancy when you only have one 18 month old must be very hard.  How on earth would you nap?  I'm glad that I've been able to nap pretty much anytime I need to, just because there are two precious boys living here instead of one.

Ilse has started to poke my ribs.  I wondered when this day would come, and now that it's here, I'm thinking... oooo, uncomfortable!  It feels like there is something pushing OUT from under my ribs... like my chest cavity is being filled with water or air, like a torture victim, and I can't do anything about it except try to stand as straight as possible and breathe.  How on earth did women wear corsets???  Pushing out is bad enough, how would pushing ribs in be?

That's pretty much all that's going on pregnancy-wise this week.  My 32 week appointment is on Monday, and hopefully my blood pressure won't have skyrocketed.  At least I know Ben and Jerry's ice cream doesn't really contribute to blood sugar, because I've sure been enjoying me some lately.  :)

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  1. For the pack'n'play...I would just scrub it down with a mixture of soap and hot water and then let it dry outside in the sunshine. I do this frequently with our large stroller and it works like a charm!


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