Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uber Parental Fail

Today was a day of uber parental fails.... mostly on my part, but even a little on Tim's. 

Today was one of those days where I was just a bit grumpy.  It started with whiny children.  I know, they all do it, but it is really something that our boys KNOW they aren't to do, and usually they don't.  In fact, I don't remember the last time Bam-Bam whined.  Joey is a different story.  He whines every chance he gets even though he has seen that it results in a hmmm hmmm and also going to bed, because whiny children must be tired, right?  Well, he whined all day.  All I can figure is that he really is honestly tired.

And then, I couldn't even get some TTP without constant phone calls... seven, to be precise.  And then, I put the kids down to nap and a sales person called the house phone, which rings right by the boys' door.  She starts out with "This is so and so, and even if we didn't call at the right time...."  I'm opening my mouth to say, "You know, you really didn't!  My boys are napping.  Why would you call during naptime?!?!?"  Worse, I'm thinking, why didn't I just unplug the house phone???  I did quickly interrupt her, though, and tell her I just wasn't interested.  At least she didn't do the rude thing sales people sometimes do and call back a million times and just hang up.

Then I am talking to a person I really wanted to talk to (Hi, Mrs. Fuqua!) and then the doorbell rang, which I didn't mind once I saw my lovely package....  THANKS, GRACE!  But, I was thinking that it had to have woken the boys.  Thankfully it didn't.

... which leads me to the uber fails....

I really griped Joey out.  I made him cry.  So we talked about how even mommies sin, and Joey heard me pray and ask for forgiveness.  Making your kid cry is an uber fail, but there is no better time to talk about how everyone sins except Jesus, and aren't we so thankful for his sacrifice for us?!?

... which leads me to the second and even bigger uber fail....

Even after hearing his Mommy admit sin in the car and ask Joey's and God's forgiveness, Bam-Bam goes straight into his baptismal interview and says his mommy doesn't sin.  Way to listen, Bam-Bam.  :)  I guess a small part of me is glad he didn't respond with a "Boy, does she!  All the time, too!" 

But then Craig asked him what Faith is.

Bam-Bam's response went something like this:  "Faith has a long nose, and a tail, and she's a little tiny puppy...." 

Yes.  Uber uber uber parental fail.  We tend to use the word 'believe' more than faith.  Especially since I've been known to announce that I hate Faith.  Utter, uber faildom. 

Nevertheless, we completely support the notion that perhaps our child should wait just a bit longer to be baptized.  We don't doubt he has faith and loves the Lord, but it can easily be argued that it would be good if he could express it a bit better.  And he needs to answer reliably that "Yes, Mommy does sin."  And it'd be good if he could talk about Faith in a way that doesn't involve noses and tails.


  1. I'd call that an uber success, actually. I mean, it's a bummer that we hurt our kids. But as sinners, we all will. But the times we actually recognize it and repent for it are (in the end) *great* for our kids.

    And the faith fail...of course that was confusing. So the kid doesn't understand theology perfectly. Sam doesn't get most of it either and he's JOE'S son. lol And actually, he probably totally does get it, but at his age, words can be really confusing. Especially when your dog is named Faith. :)Don't stress! Thanks for this post...your honesty helps me know I'm not alone. :)

  2. Sorry that the pkg came during naptime...glad it didn't wake the boys tho! ;) Our UPS guy always comes at the weirdest times...usually at almost bedtime...I guess we're the last stop of the day!

  3. That really is the funniest story. I have been laughing everytime I think about it. He is so cute. OF COURSE, that is what he answered! He hears about Faith the dog a million times a day. And i don't think it was a parental fail on your part (other than maybe getting a dog in the first place...;-)you are teaching your child to HAVE faith which more important than being able to define it.


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