Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stella and Faith and other Real Life Situations

Today I finally got tired of the massive container of pretzels just sitting around my house.  I know, Charlie generally consumes a few when he comes over, but that isn't altogether often, and I have to purge my house some. 

No, even though it was suggested (Thanks, Kim) I'm not doing a giveaway of junk I want to get rid of anyway, but, I did come up with a nice option for getting rid of the bottom 1/5 of the container of pretzels.

I gave them to the dogs.  Boy, did the dogs go wild.... at first.  I thought Stella was going to bite my fingers off in her enthusiasm to get at those disgusting pretzels.  However, one stern "SHHH!  Stella!"  and she calmed right down and began 'performing' to get her treats.  She would sit, and then if I didn't give her one in a timely manner, she would lay down, all the while looking at me ready to take the pretzel ever so gently from my fingers. 

Faith, on the other hand, was an absolute wild beast.  I'm starting to like her a bit, but she needs to learn some stuff before I decide I'd like a Faith rug instead of a little tiny puppy, who isn't little anymore at all.  It took many sit! commands before she would sit still long enough to get a pretzel, but then she managed to accomplish taking it from me calmly several times.  Her teeth, of course, aren't as sharp as Stella's, but I still wouldn't like to be bitten accidentally.  What would my dad say?!?!?  :)  Although, I have to admit, it would be ironic if the lab bit me instead of my murdering cutthroat beast.  That would earn a laugh from me, and my family would shake their heads in disbelief.

Faith is starting to get a few manners.  She doesn't nip at Joey so badly when he goes out to feed and water the dogs, which, perhaps is not so much manners as she doesn't want to get yelled at from a big ol' mean mommy, who has started going out with Joey.  It's funny that I go out to protect him from Faith when Stella (our murdering cutthroat beast) just calmly and politely sniffs Joey's butt or stands in his way because she wants water, by george!

Tim's been talking about getting our new yard guys ($25.75 for the yard now, as opposed to $43.80, and these guys come before naptime, yay!) to plant some grass, but I say, what's the use?  We're not moving this week, and the dogs would just tear it up anyway.  We need to hold off and do the yard when we are leaving.  It is an eyesore to Tim though, but in my view, the roses in the back (amazing blooms!) shield the yard from too many lookers, so maybe Tim and our next door neighbors are really the only ones who mind the grass anyway. 

I've just plugged in the camera to charge, so if you are dying to see pictures of my roses, I'll post some later today.  I know Jean has posted amazing pictures of her roses, and frankly they (and the music she has on her blog) make me kinda jealous.  :)  But nevertheless, I do love my roses, and I'm a bit disconcerted because I didn't feel that alive in February and so I didn't cut them back, so now this summer they're going to be even more massive than last year.  I'm thinking the city might come by and complain because the bushes are encroaching on the alley.  I have read, though, that you aren't supposed to cut these kinds of roses back because it makes them more bushy, but, what do I know.  Either way they're too massive and the city will complain.

Speaking of complaining.......  I'm fully expecting Tim to get arrested here shortly, since the city of Dallas is rounding up all the people with outstanding parking tickets. We have one, through no fault of our own.  D&M Leasing didn't reregister the car they bought from us, even though they were supposed to, and some doofus parked the wrong way in Dallas.  We, of course, got the ticket, and when I didn't act on it like within five days, we got another one with a fine added on.  Good grief.  We called D&M, and the lady said she would take care of it.  Hopefully she did, or when the SWAT team shows up here, I'll have to direct them to Tim's work because, by george, I'm not leaving my babies to go to jail for a misunderstanding.  Thankfully, Tim is totally on board with me throwing him under the bus in this way.  What a nice husband I have.  :)  And yes, it is a SWAT team that would show up, or so the radio announcement said.  Maybe I should call the city or something to see the state of that ticket.  That might be a brilliant idea. And you're all like, "Well duh!"

I want to give a shout of for my lovely sons.... they are so helpful.  Granted, today when I said we were doing laundry they announced they wanted to ride their bikes and I had to say, umm no, we're doing laundry, but in general they are incredibly helpful to a mommy who does not currently like to bend over.  Every time I bend over I'm worried I'll feel that terribly sharp pain that I felt the other day in the shower.  I think I might have broken Ilse's arm or something, because, clearly, something other than ME was in the way of my bend.  And I didn't even try a snap.  That would be a disaster at this juncture.  I could, at this point, link to YouTube with the fabulous bend and snap scene from Legally Blond, but that the risk of offending my more sensitive readers, I'll refrain.  I'm sure you've scene :) it. 

Back to the boys: they are so fabulous at helping pick up the dirty laundry and putting it in the washer.... once we learned which one was the washer.  Also, Joey loves switching loads over.  Boy, are their wives going to love them. 

Now if I can just teach them to get the vacuum and vacuum up the massive spiders they keep discovering in their rooms, and not let me know about it, I'd be one eternally happy momma.


  1. oh I love the bend and snap! it was what I used to secure Marcus you know....

  2. Lol! I'm sure Marcus enjoys repeat performances, too. Although perhaps it'd be better NOT to teach that to Will and Charlie just yet. Or Abby. :)


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