Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tim has been home the last three days due to the TAKS testing schedule.  I cannot express how very much I've enjoyed having him here.  He loves helping me get things done, and even when I am exhausted he still loves doing the things we had planned on doing, even though he's doing them alone...  ok, with me propping an eye open to give general directions occasionally.

Today, though, the fun had to end.  He's back at work today, even though he only had to go in at 11am instead of 7:15.  He said he'd hardly call that 'back to the grind', but I sure do considering I really had enjoyed the last few days.  I told him this morning, on the way to work, that I felt like it was the end of our honeymoon--- as if I slept constantly when we were in San Antonio, as if we had two little boys then and a baby on the way, and as if we had a house that desperately needed vacuuming.  But nevertheless, I felt like this morning was the end of an era.

Can you say, Pregnancy hormones!!!

So after I dropped him off, the boys and I got the oil changed (woefully late) and then we went to get much needed haircuts.  Yes, the boys are bald once again.  Gone are the months of teaching them how to use their fingers to rinse out hair in the shower.  Now the sprayer can do it all by itself.  That was a hard concept for them to understand. 

I've been overdosing the boys on salad since we had so much left over from Easter lunch at Ivy's.  Joey likes it, but Bam-Bam has a real hard time eating it unless there is dressing on it.  He is a very strong willed child, and after he did better with his attitude after the first few anger sessions, I added dressing and croutons to it today, and he is not complaining at all.  He is making me chuckle inside right now talking about 'salad is goooooood!'  Yeah right, Bam-Bam.  You're not fooling me.  You want the dum-dum the lady at the hair cut place gave you.  Well, whatever gets the job done, I guess.  :)

The lawn guys came this morning before I was even dressed, so thankfully Tim was here to get the dogs in and the gate unlocked.  I certainly wasn't going to the door in robe.  Some things are just too embarrassing, and I don't know any pregnant lady who looks decent after a night of tossing and turning, trying to find just that one comfortable position that will delude her into thinking she can catch another hour before peeing, or maybe her sciatic nerve won't bother her if she lays just this way.... 

I'm glad the lawn guys came before naptime.  Now when I lay the boys down (and me, yay!) here in a few, we can sleep uninterrupted for at least a couple hours.  Then we will go get Tim and our nice evening can begin. 

That's our day today.  Oh, of course, my nice evening will have an outing with mother, since we are going to a consignment sale.  I'm on the hunt for some baby clothes, and Joey is in desperate need of church pants.  I'm not deluding myself into thinking I'll actually find some secondhand, but I'll try. 

I'll leave you with these gems:

"When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect Hungry."

"Streakers re‑pant!  Your end is in sight."

"It takes money to make money, because you have to copy the design exactly."

"Children are natural mimics ‑ they act like their parents in spite of every attempt to teach them good manners."

I wash everything on the gentle cycle.  It=s much more humane.

Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions.  A. A. Latimer

Those always make me laugh, but my favorite, by far, is:

The new composer's dictionary:
'Adagio Frommagio'‑‑ to play in a slow and cheesy manner
'Angus Dei'‑‑ to play with a divine, beefy tone
'A Patella'‑‑ unaccompanied knee‑slapping
'Frugalhorn'‑‑ a sensible, inexpensive brass instrument
'Dill Piccolino'‑‑ a wind instrument that plays only sour notes

and my ultimate favorite:
'Approximento'‑‑ a musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correct pitch

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