Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Induction Day

Tim and I went to the hospital the other day to pay for Ilse's birth, and we're very happy to have it done!  Even if I go in the night before to get the cervix softening medicine (whatever it's called), we will only have to pay a very small bit extra for an extra night.

All in all, we are paying LESS than Marc and Ivy paid for Will, and they had insurance.  Isn't that something.

But, more to the point........ Induction Day is May 31, and we are to be there at 5am.  We'll have the boys sleep over at Kim's the night before since 5 is too early for man or beast to be out and about.  When I told that to Ivy she asked me who the beast was, and I think, that day, I'll be happy to be a beast so long as it will result in an Ilse.

After we see how I'm progressing with the Pitocin, we'll order the epidural and hopefully, if it works, I'll be in hog heaven.  No, I'm not that ignorant.  But hopefully I won't be in agony. 


Mom came by today and gave the Mamaw Seal of Approval to Ilse's lovely recliner.  I love it, and Tim said today that he could sleep all day in that chair.  I'm so thankful for it.  Anyone care to come try it out?  You just have to leave it by the time I go to the hospital.

Today we went out to look for a mirror for above Ilse's changing table/dresser.  Tim asked me what we needed a mirror for, and I did have a lot of fun demonstrating how we will use the mirror with Ilse.  I remember, not too long ago, taking Charlie around their house and showing him himself in all the multitudes of mirrors.  He loved it, and I'm sure Ilse will too.  However, when we didn't find a mirror (and having searched Craigslist, there aren't any on there, either), we (I) decided to buy some cute little birdies for her dresser instead.  So I got a little pitcher/vase that's green, and two birds-- one yellow and the other blue.  They are uber cute, and we'll see if I think they're still cute tomorrow.  If I do, I guess I'll keep 'em.  I know Grace Aldape would love them, so I'll have to post a pic for you when I get around to it.  :)

This afternoon I need to get some vacuuming done now that Tim fixed the vacuum that I didn't even know was broken.  I was deliriously upset to discover last night the beater was broken on my lovely vacuum.... and I discovered it just when I started vacuuming my room.  I'd been talking about vacuuming it for days, and Tim just assumed I knew the vacuum was broken (he said it'd been broken for months, and that right there tells you how out of it I've been.)  Of course, I didn't know, because I never would have been content fake vacuuming when I'm in the midst of nesting. 

My response was a frantic, "Well, I need you to fix it!!!"  And he did.  I don't know about you, but in an old house, in the springtime, I do not want to be without a vacuum for even a night in case there is a creepy crawler I have to vacuum up, so I am thankful I didn't have to take the dumb thing to the shop. 

So I got the room vacuumed and dusted, and hopefully today I can get the living room done.  :)  It's just a hope, and hopefully this hope will not disappoint.  Although it really might since I don't particularly want to drag myself out of my chair, even if I do get the reputation of being Lazy Elsie Marley.

Just kidding.  Kind of.  :)

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  1. Haha, you caught my bird fetish! ;) I am sure your little birdies are adorable! ;) Can't wait to see pics!

    Glad that you got your vacuum fixed...I am the same way as you...I have to have my vacuum!


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