Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Date Night

Thanks to Dee, Tim and I had a nice date night tonight.  We went to Olive Garden; I expected to get just salad, because honestly, what could be better?  But then, I saw the salmon and I had to have it.  What could be better for a pregnant woman than salmon and broccoli?  I still got my salad fix, and I have to say, I left that table feeling very satisfied with deliciousness.

Then we went to Lowes to get a new faucet for the kitchen sink.  The plumber told us today that we needed a new one, and we didn't want to put if off because one never knows what could happen, and besides, I'm kinda tired of the low water pressure I've been enduring.... and not having a sprayer.  It has leaked for a long time.

So the plumber Hutch fixed our leaky sink this morning, and I'll call the company back tomorrow.  Maybe he can come out in the afternoon Wednesday or Thursday morning and install this lovely new faucet for us. 

We reminded him how much we want to move; we're hoping that the pipes under the house will survive long enough to get out before we have to do a major replacement of them.  Hutch recommended last time we had a major pipe clog that we do the fix fast before it gets even more expensive (he's thinking old pipes/tree roots), but we don't want to spend a couple thousand right now on that.  We'd so much rather move.  We'll see, won't we.  :)

I was teasing Tim that on our date we had pleasure and business, what with Olive Garden and Lowes, and I guess that's how dates get to be when you've been married for a while and you have kids.  It was nice walking through Lowes with my husband.  That store, actually, is one of our favorite places to go.  I remember back when we were in the apartment Tim used to tell me about how he and his brothers absolutely hated going to Home Depot with their dad... how it would take hours!  Then, we got a house, and that very first weekend we owned it he had an epiphany.  I did too, and we've gone to Lowes regularly since.  We just adore that store.

Tim was home the last two days with me, and I cannot express how much he has helped me.  We made a good dent in the laundry, he helped me file some things, and he let me sleep in both mornings.  He is also so good with the boys.  I feel much better about the house; I was close to freak out regarding some things.  One of the other things Tim did was install our new shower head (Lowes, again.)  Our old one was quite broken and mineral encrusted.  I wanted a hand held sprayer so I could more easily shower the boys, and boy howdy was it easier tonight!  The boys liked it too, even though I'm afraid it will hamper Joey's learning to shower himself since now I hold the sprayer and move it to wash him off instead of him having to rinse his own hair out.  That's ok; so long as I can bathe them and he/I    is/am not embarrassed, then that's what we'll do.

We've had a wonderful two days, and we're all looking forward to this weekend because we will leave our murdering cutthroat beast to guard the house and we will go to Great Wolf Lodge.  It'll be fun!

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  1. We are so excited to go! We are leaving our murdering cut throat beasts behind too. :)


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