Friday, April 8, 2011

Bone Tired

I realized again today what Ivy meant when she said being pregnant makes one 'bone tired'.  Is she right or what!

Today was a two nap day.  I know, it sounds absolutely crazy, but I was dead on my feet!  In the morning, the boys took a nap, too, but in the afternoon when I napped one child played quietly nearby while the other was alone in his room since he'd been horribly mean to the other brother.

In between my naps, we did a lot of running around trying to get ready for our tiny vacay tomorrow night (while mean ol' Stella guards the house).

Also, I'm starting to have severe leg cramps in the mornings when I wake up.  I guess that's a pregnancy thing.  I remember Ivy crying in the night when we were little because of her Charley Horses, but I had never experienced it with any regularity.  Now it's my turn, and I have to say, ouch!

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