Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Belly Pic

This is the first and possibly only baby belly pic. I'm not posting it under a delusion that I'm cute today... I don't know that that day will ever come, but nevertheless, it's a BABY pic! And I love my little Ilse Joy.

She seems absolutely giant to me. My cousin Tiffany just gave birth to my first cousin twice removed, and when we went to see her in the hospital I (and someone else) brought it to my attention that my baby bump is as big or bigger (thanks Kim) than Tiffany's. Maybe so. At any rate..... Ilse is healthy and happy, and she is still growing. That means if and I do mean IF I post another picture, the bump will be even huger. As the boys say, it will be "the hugest bump I've ever sawd!"


  1. Aw, you do look cute...I love pregnant bellies...I think they are absolutely beautiful!

    Blessings, Grace

  2. You look lovely with your baby bump, Emma!! Just yesterday I was thinking it was about time to complain that there are no belly pics and beg. So thanks! It feels more real to me now. :) I can't wait for my newest niece to be born!

  3. There is only one, that I know of picture of me when I was big with Becca and I would like to have had more. So for Ilse Joy, take some more and have someone else take some more so you don't have to hold the camera. You are beautiful and cute and even if you don't feel it on some days, you will be the most beautiful mama she will ever know! And she will adore you!

  4. im SOOOOO excited for you! :D you look adorable. <3 <3 Thanks for posting the picture :)


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