Saturday, April 23, 2011

33 weeks, tomorrow

In case you didn't ketch it from the title, tomorrow makes 33 weeks of Ilse-ness.  She is huge, and I think she might have dropped the other day, but not knowing the things I don't know, I can't be sure.

I do know that I almost updated my facebook the other day talking about how I can still wear my wedding ring, and yay me!  Then that night I had to take it off because it felt so tight.  I've taken it off every night in the middle of the night since.  It's probably just the heat in the house, but I've heard horror stories of swelling and, considering I'm at such high risk of preeclampsia, I don't want my beloved ring to have to be cut off.

And then today, Tim told me my feet were swollen.  I believe he's right.  We'll see what the next several days bring.  I was a bit lightheaded today, but going over the questions the doctor had asked me when I told her about the last time I was lightheaded, it occurred to me that of course I was, I didn't eat worth diddly squat today.  Do you know what I ate?  We were out, so I ate part of a muchaco, a taco, and a piece of banana bread.  That's all I've currently eaten, and it's 9 pm.  At least there was some meat in there.  Oh, I did have a couple malt eggs as I was stuffing our Easter eggs for tomorrow.

I'm sure I'll eat much better tomorrow, and then tonight Tim got me something special.  Ohhh, tomorrow... you know what we're eating?  Lasagna (or as my family says, lazag), salad, bread, strawberries, IC, and my mother's famous Apple Book worthy chocolate cake.  That will be a lovely lunch.  I don't know what's for dinner, but it will likely be left overs or something of the sort, depending on how long we stay at Ivy's.  I guess that depends on how tired this mommy is.

We have five weeks and two or three days until inducement day.  I hope we make it!

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  1. With Johnathan I waited too long to take my ring off and eventually it just wouldn't come off...thankfully I never had to have it cut off, but my finger got really irritated from my ring being so tight. With Eli I started to swell a lot and really waited too long to take my ring off that time too, but I made Aaron torture me for as long as it took to get that thing off...soaked my hand in ice water then greased it down with butter and after that Aaron wrenched my finger until the ring finally came was sooooooo painful and by the time he was done I was crying and my finger was bruised...but the ring was off! Haha...anyways, all the to say that maybe you should just leave it off until the baby comes, although it does feel weird being pregnant without wearing a least it was for me! ;) need to eat!!! Hope that your Easter lunch/dinner was good! ;)

    I hope that you make it the next 5+ weeks. Take good care of yourself!


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