Friday, March 25, 2011

This Morning

I had a very interesting morning today.  After taking Tim to work and coming home, I was overcome with extreme exhaustion.  I must have been pretty anemic to be that tired and lightheaded.  I immediately rejoiced that I was safely at home :) and not out walking in the heat, and then, after trying to conquer the exhaustion by sitting down, I realized that I had to take more drastic measures.  I don't know how I thought of it, but I thought of Jamba Juice and how they add stuff to their drinks.  I drove there yawning, and the guy offered me wheat grass.  Um, no.  I'd rather be tired than drink a shot of wheat grass.  We compromised on a drink with strawberries, blueberries, spinach and I don't know what all else, but about half an hour after drinking it, I felt immeasurably better. 

I also hightailed it to Wal-mart for an iron supplement.   I figured that if I am going to be able to get through the rest of the day, I better take some.  So I got two kinds (in case one hurts my stomach) and then I caved to how I felt and got the boys vitamins too, so that they won't ever feel half as bad as I did at the time. 

I also succumbed to the girly side of me that I'll need to be a little girl's mother and bought green nail polish.  It's a bit sparkly and I've already used it.  It's fabulous.  Now I can look down at my toes and think of spring, pools, leafy trees, and fresh cut grass.  It's a total happy spot, kind of like Ilse's curtains.

I just put up the second curtain and I am very pleased with the results.  We are going to replace the curtain rod since it droops in the middle, but my nesting instinct hasn't demanded that I do that, yet.

Last night I put the second mattress in the crib.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but if I raise the mattress up to the level needed for a newborn, the dust ruffle doesn't show below the crib bars.  I can't bear that.  So we are stacking two mattresses, and now it is nearly to the perfect height for getting Ilse out without too much trouble.  I bought the mattress pad and lovely knit sheet so I could put it together.  I think it's lovely.  I am going to pray daily that I don't spoil this child with beautiful things; I don't think I'm off to a very good start.

The little purple donkey is from Auntie Kimberly.  Mom told me it's the same brand as the Bear Kim had forever.  (I'm sure she still has it, but I'm equally sure she doesn't still sleep with it.)  The outfit is Ilse's coming home outfit, unless I change my mind.

Now I think I might have the energy to fold the laundry on the couch that's been there forever.  Why is it that laundry accumulates so badly?  Other than the obvious reason of course...

I'm not the only one in my family who loathes the chore of putting away laundry.  I don't know what it is about it.  Kimberly recommended that I put the unfolded laundry in the room to which it will go, and then, it is pretty much already put away.  The only problem with that is that there's now been a basket of unfolded laundry in the boys' room for weeks.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The basket in there is good for one thing, though.  It's good for teaching the boys how to look for something.  Both of them have gotten better at finding stuff since I started having them dig for their clean underwear in a basket full of clothes.  Ahh, the silver lining.  :)

And here's what the boys are doing this afternoon.  Don't worry, Dad, Mom, and everyone else worried about our murdering cutthroat beast: I'm supervising them.

I love our boys.  And Stella.  :)

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