Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Days, School Days

I've had an epiphany, thanks to Kim.  I think it is time to truly do some concentrating on school, just for a tiny bit each day.  I'm afraid I've been assuming Joey is still too far behind truly to understand preschool things, and maybe, just maybe, I 've been wrong about that.  Of course, I do have reasons for having held this view.  When we are talking about something, like the Gospel, Joey will just come out with something so off the wall that it shows, not only was he not listening, but he didn't understand a word I said.  Not one word.  He just goes off in a tangent of thought all his own, and it mostly isn't correct.  He will insist he saw something, and no matter what I tell him it was, he doesn't believe me.  The other day, he saw a 'fire' and it was only the sun reflecting off a shiny building, but he insisted and insisted and WOULD NOT believe me.  He just seems out in left field most of the time.

I know there is nothing wrong with him, and more importantly, the person with much experience (Tim) knows it too.  However, we've been thinking that we just need to give him more time to settle and learn a bit about life before we bombard him with school.  He is so happy playing around the house, and all of you have seen how much he has improved just by being able to concentrate on living.

But.... yesterday at Kim's she was showing me the school books her kids do, and I said, "I bet Joey can't do that page."  But he could.  Egg on me.  So today I am going to go to Sam's and get the same books she has, because the ones I bought months ago are black and white and boring.  Even though my kids can sit through a bible study 'movie' and love it, I still don't want them to do black and white school books.  We don't live in the 50s.  :)  I want their books to be more interesting.  I want them to hold their attention, because, by george, I'm not that interesting to listen to, so I need some extra help in making it interesting.

We'll see how it goes.  I'm going to skip the parts about color, because Joey just can't do it.  He still doesn't know his colors and I see no hope for it until he's 11, like Uncle... never mind.  I don't know how Bam-Bam learned his colors, but he knows them all.  Joey does know some shapes, but he can't count to three.  Christopher can, and Christopher can rhyme and he can find the 's' sound in words.  I did not teach him the rhyming and 's' sound.  He just found those concepts on his own.  Little smarty pants. 

That's where we are with school.  No, we're not open to public school.  They'd through Joey in Special Ed, and he'd be abused and hated on, and yelled at all day every day.  There's no way I'd send my baby there, so I'm going to have to find some way to teach him where he is now and get him to catch up at least by high school time, so he can graduate mostly on time.  That's 13 years away. 

More than education, though, I want him to be happy, healthy, and love the Lord.  However, he does need to be able to read so he can read the bible.  I'm not going to rush him, but we will begin.

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