Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I broke down and bought a pregnancy pillow.  I chose the Snoogle, not because I love it best, although I hope I do, but because it was the only one with good reviews that I could get in time for tonight.  I am tired of sore shoulders and hurting knees, and my sciatic nerve pain has come back with a vengeance.  Hopefully this pillow will do the trick!

I've also gotten to the point of possibly very soon needing some maternity skirts.  Right now the Sunday skirt I have is only *minorly tight, and and the jean skirt I had put away because it was too big fits again in the waist.  I do have one more Sunday skirt I can try that is a size up from my current one, and maybe it will work for another month or so, but if not, to the store I go before too many more Sundays come.

Ilse has been very quiet lately, to the point of me worrying about her a bit.  I'm sure she's fine since sometimes she kicks, but in general she's pretty quiet.  Hopefully she'll start moving around more, at least to avert any Mommy worry kicking in.  I'd like to avoid a frantic trip to the doctor only to be told, Ummm, duh, she's fine.

She tends to move if I sit Indian Style, which squishes her a bit.  She moves, I think, to tell me to move.  Sometimes I don't move because I like the kicking.

When I think about what could happen if Ilse were born this week, I picture my Christopher, because he was born at 27 weeks.  He's my precious baby boy, but what he must have gone through as a tiny baby.... a tiny baby with no parents to take care of him.  I'm glad he's now here with me, health issues and all.  

These days I'm eating a lot of fruit, because it is so fresh and delicious.  I did make a roast the other day, and I choked it down alright.  I must say I much preferred the carrots I cooked with it to the meat.  The potatoes were pretty good, too, but I think I'll give the leftovers to Tim and the boys.  I'm happy eating my plums, nectarines, strawberries, apples, oranges, Cuties, etc....   Yum!  Oh, and bananas!  The joy of a delicious banana cannot be overstated.  It's too bad the price of bananas at Sprouts led me to leave them there and wait until I go to Wal-Mart Fall Apart.

We should not forget that Adam and Eve lived perfectly well without meat for who knows how long.  I bet they enjoyed their strawberries, too.   ;-)

*I forgot to mention:  I could not find the word "minorly" in the dictionary.  Isn't that the correct word?  I say it all the time.


  1. I think Adam and Eve lived their entire lives without meat. If I remember correctly, in Genesis 1:29 G-d only gave plants, fruit, seeds etc. to eat to Adam and Eve, and it wasn't until after the flood, when in Genesis 9:3 (if I remember correctly) G-d gave permission to eat meat. Then it was after the Exodus that the kashrut laws were given especially and ONLY for the Jews.

  2. Hevel, I think you really might be right. That's one of those things we semi learn as kids, and then just assume we know the truth. But in going back to look, sure enough, when cursing Adam, God told him and Eve they would eat the fruit of the ground. That's not meat!

    You have a great day!


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