Friday, March 18, 2011

Pregnancy Notes and Purchases for Ilse

Tim and I have spent some of the week this week accumulating baby items. Ok, that's a bit of an understatement. I have spent MOST of our week searching on Craigslist for items, negotiating prices (not) and going to pick the items up.

We got a stroller frame (Kim and Ivy's recommendation), a Jenny Jump Up (which I'm not too sure about), a free portable sleeping item that I'll give away (because it does not look sanitary), a valance, and a bouncy seat. Here's a picture of the bouncy seat. I LOVE it!

Then, from Babies R Us we got the larger stroller (which Tim and I couldn't resist) and the car seat. Here's a pic of the car seat. Notice it matches the bouncy seat.

We love all our purchases, and so far, we've stayed within our budget. Yay me! :)  Ivy has already asked me if we'll loan these things to our niece Olivia, yet to be created, and of course we will!  They are too gorgeous to store in a garage.

We still need some things like a play gym and I am planning on buying it myself. I am trying to buy the most expensive things myself. Even though Ivy is planning a shower for me from the church, I would rather have cheaper things on a registry for people to gift me instead of expecting larger things. That seems more loving to me than stocking a registry with $30 plus items and putting people in a bind. And while even addressing this topic seems a bit tacky, what's even more tacky is putting people in the situation I've been put in before looking at a registry thinking that nearly everything was more than I wanted to spend. I don't want that to happen to the people who are inclined to bring something to my shower. (Not that anyone should feel like they MUST bring anything anyway.) Ok, touchy subject done. :)

Ilse's room is looking wonderful, and here in a minute I am going to wash the valance I got today and then later hang it up. We are also going to shift the kids around in the car and let them get used to their new seats. This will accomplish two things: Bam-Bam will be forced to learn quickly how to buckle himself since I can't as quickly do it since he'll be on the other side of the car. And, Tim and I really want to put Ilse's car seat base in her new seat. Just for fun.

In two weeks we will paint the nursery. Hopefully I'll physically be able to then. Ilse is getting bigger daily, and in two weeks I'll be 30 weeks.  That sounds giant.

When I remember that the doctor told me we didn't want to deliver at 32 weeks because of high blood pressure but that if we need to we will, I feel like time is just slipping away and I better hurry up to get done what I need to.

My weight is still quite under control (even though I went on a cookie binge this week) and I don't believe my blood pressure is any worse than it was.  Maybe Ilse will stay where she is supposed to all the way till June 12, although I wouldn't argue if she wanted to come June 6, which is the last day of school for Tim.  That sounds like a great day.

As we were out today I noticed that I am having trouble standing for long periods of time because I get hot and lightheaded.  That makes standing around at Half Price Books not so much fun, especially since bending down, standing up, bending down, standing up ad infinitum makes me quite dizzy because of the excess blood I'm toting around these days.  I prefer to be upright, and I prefer not to stand or sit up too quickly since it makes the blood drain or rush from or to wherever it isn't supposed to, resulting in dizziness.  More than likely though, since I just noticed this today, all of this stems from the heat and the fact that I'm wearing jeans.  I think my jeans are about to get put away and I am about to go shopping for maternity skirts, since the normal skirts I have sit too high on my waist (which I don't really have anymore.)  I wonder where I can find some fun skirts?

And what doesn't help is the allergies I'm having.... they make my contacts all fuzzy.  How annoying is that?  My fuzzy contacts, though, don't prevent me from seeing the wonderful graciousness of God in gifting me a husband, two precious boys, and a soon to be met little Ilse Joy. 

These next three months will be exciting, and every day I will get a little more antsy to see our precious baby.  Who will she look like?  I know she'll have blue/green eyes and a cleft chin since there's no other option genetically.  But will she be fair like me?  Maybe she'll be more brown like Tim.  Maybe she'll be olive like Kim.  Will she have curly hair like Kim and Ellen, or will it be wavy like mine?  Maybe it will be straight as a board like Tim's.  Maybe it will be straight on top and wavy underneath like Mamaw's.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Bummer!  :)


  1. That is the cutest post, Kate. I can't wait to see Ilse either. I am voting that she will have dark hair and fair skin... like me! ;-) Not really. I hope she looks just like you. I think that would be so cool.

  2. I second Ivy on all counts. =) I love the stuff you picked Emily!

    A note on maternity clothes--Old Navy and h&m had my favorite reasonably priced maternity clothes. =)Old navy may not carry maternity in your stores, but you can order it online which is mostly what I did anyway. There are lots of good reviews that help you decide which styles/sizes to buy. Hope you can find some pretty things!


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