Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Pet Peeve

Ok..... here goes.  This is my pet peeve and it has been for a long time.

This error has crept into everyday usage and I see it everywhere.  It drives me absolutely crazy, up a wall, bananas-- you name it, it's driven me there.

It's the apostrophe.  The apostrophe does not signal pluralism.  Ahhhh.  I said it. 

Two or more fans are not fan's.

Two or more horses are not horse's.

Two or more boys are NOT boy's. 

Ok.  Now I've said it.  I feel MUCH better.


  1. My other pet peeve is moving the apostrophe around when it's a plural possessive. Or when a name ends in an s. But mostly the former. Like how "The Cohens' kids" gets turned into "The Cohen's kids". Doesn't mean the same thing.

  2. Another thing that drives me nuts is using the word "is" where it should be "are". For example "The dogs is going down the hill". This, of course, sounds so wrong I don't think it would often be used. Contrast that with: "One of my friends is coming for tea." ... not so obvious but irritating to me!

    Then again ... IF that was all I had to worry about ... There are so many bigger things to focus on!

    Maria (Canada)

    I found this on-line and I do believe I would make mistakes re the last two examples. Then again, I never was good at grammar!

    Here are the rules on collective nouns from the American Heritage
    Dictionary (courtesy of

    "Some nouns, like committee, clergy, enemy, group, family, and team, refer to a group but are singular in form. These nouns are called collective nouns. In American usage, a collective noun takes a singular verb when it refers to the collection considered as a whole, as in The family was united on this question or The enemy is suing for peace.

    It takes a plural verb when it refers to the members of the
    group considered as individuals, as in My family are always fighting
    among themselves or The enemy were showing up in groups of three or
    four to turn in their weapons."

  3. LOL ... my example with friends is incorrect. OOPS!!!!!!!! To be incorrect, the example should have read: "One of my friends are coming for tea". How's that for confusing the issue? Sorry. Too bad I can't edit my comment.

    Maria (Canada)

  4. Hevel! I wish I had mentioned that error too. It drives me bananas! Why don't people understand plural possessive???

    And Maria, I completely agree. Verb tense bothers me excruciatingly. I'm continually correcting it with the boys because I do not want them to sound uneducated.


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